Natural Hair Terminology

Natural Hair: Free from Chemicals

Co-Wash: Wash without shampoo usually with conditioner

Sulfates: Detergent in most shampoo that can strip hair of natural oils.

SLS: Sodium Laurel Sulfate (same as above)

ACV aka Apple Cider Vinegar rinse: Washing hair with vinegar to cleanse and condition

Low-Poo: Shampoo with less sulfates

No-Poo: Shampoo with no sulfates, Hair cleanser

Sister Twists: 2-strand twists achieved by twisting two pieces of a small section of hair around each other

Creamy Crack: Relaxer; aka "perm",  chemicals used to straighten hair

Transitioning: Growing out natural roots while maintaining relaxed ends to avoid a drastic hair cut.

Flat Iron: Using a heated tool to straighten hair.

Cornrows: Hair that is braided against the head to make patterns

Afro: hair picked out into a round shape around the head

Box braids: Plats or simple braids where the root is parted into small boxes and braided.

Kinky: Tightly Curled Hair

Hair Type: Used to classify what type of curls you have.  see HAIR TYPE CHART

Another good hair typing reference: http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types

Alopecia: Loss of hair

Lye: A chemical straightening treatment commonly used to relax hair

Palm Rolling: used in dreading the hair. A technique used to smooth out the shaft of a loc by rolling it, with or without product, between the palms of the hands.

Dusting: Dusting is trimming about a quarter inch off your ends. It's less than a usual professional trim...it's just enough to get the split ends off.

Hair lengths:

APL - arm pit length

BSL - bra strap length

EVOO- extra virgin olive oil

EO- essential oil

TWA- teeny weeny afro

BAA- big a$$ afro

BC-big chop

Pre-con- Pre-conditioning treatment

BSS- beauty supply store

Sealing-applying product to ends small sections at a time ensuring complete coverage

Baggy-applying moisture and covering w/ shower cap for desired amt of time

twistout-individual or flat twists for a spiral curl pattern and stretching benefits

braidout-individual or cornrows for a crinkly pattern and stretching benefits

shealoe- shea butter and aloe blend

interlock- process of tightening new growth of locs