Saturday, December 5, 2009

Veil Style?

I got this style idea from Beads, Braids and Beyond one of my very favorite hair blogs. I think I may need some practice?

Tonight I put some coconut oil in my daughter's hair (got the idea from Happy Girl Hair), put it in a bun and let her play for a couple hours. I washed her hair and used my denman wanna-be brush with MOIST Aussie conditioned and detangled her hair. I also used a little kemi oil. I then proceeded to attempt the veil style. I let her back be two puffs, which I thought she might complain about...but she really liked! It didn't take long at all but I'm not how good a job I I am definitely no hair artist like the women I see on these hair blogs. Sometimes I suprise myself and come out with something really kool, other times it's a complete flop....but it's more about the love and time with my daughter than the result anyway.


  1. We just tried the vail style today. I think it turned out pretty good. Def will get better with practice.

  2. we just tried this veil style the other day. It turned out OK, but will def get better with practice.


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