Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's new??

Hey ya'll!
Just wanted to give an update on what's new in my world of hair.

The website:
I will be reviewing products from Blended Beauty, Healthy Hair Journey and Curls this month. There are currently two giveaways posted and a third from Curls will be posted upon reviewing their Curly Q's line of products for children. Followers will then be offered a choice of which product they would like to receive either one from the children or adult line. Please check out the following websites for more products information:

The Hubby:
My husband currently has three strand twists and is hoping they will soon start locking. He has been studying dread locks and natural mens haircare and will be experimenting with some natural products and hair recipes and hopefully I can get him to share some about his journey with us!

Our Daughter: Our little girl recently had a holiday concert and wore the style below. It's really cute from the top and sides but not so much from the top. She is having Christmas pics this weekend and I will be trying a new style. I'll probably be visiting Beads, Braids and Beyond for some great holiday style ideas.

Our Son: Our son is on his second month of growth and his hair seems to be growing very fast. How long he grows it depends on how well he responds to haircare. In the past he has been extremely tender-headed and we ended up cutting his hair short again.

ME: I never talk about MY hair lol... but I have started growing my hair long again. It's naturally wavy and I have been using a diffuser and wearing it curly for holiday events. I am TRYING not to wash it everyday but it's fine and blond and looks greasy WAY too quickly. Plus it needs to be wet everyday to refresh my curls or I just end up with a frizzy mess!!


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