Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Become a Conscious Consumer by Dee Morris


Okay beautiful people, we need to get our minds right concerning the hair products that are marketed...ehemmm...
hustled to us at every store and website that we frequent.

I've said it and i will continue to shout it :
"read the ingredients label!" The majority of our population goes to the store or website in auto-drive instead
of being conscious consumers. The information that you see printed on the front of the packaging is very deceptive!
Some of us read the way we listen, missing very valuable points and clues as to what we are consuming. For instance,
you may see a "hair moisturizer" that has a pretty label that tells you that its made with all natural ingredients.
Did you pay attention to a key word there? Made WITH....I repeat WITH natural ingredients. this means there's other
ingredients in the mix that the manufacturers don't want you to notice. Why do you think the ingredients label is
printed in a manner that you almost need a magnifying glass to read it?

A great example of the "natural" hustle is this: Many Oil Sheen sprays make the claim on the front of the package
that it's made with natural oils or even olive oil. TURN THE CAN AROUND! look at the ingredients list. Yeah, sure
there's a little bit of olive oil in it. But what do you see listed within the first five ingredients??? Do you see
a word that says Isobutane? I'll bet you do! Do you know what isobutane is? look at the word. it's flammable...it's
L I G H T E R F L U I D ! ! ! Now, would you KNOWINGLY apply lighter fluid to your hair and skin knowing that

Don't be hustled! Stop wasting your hard-earned money on stuff that will ultimately STOP your hair and skin from
thriving and growing! Educate yourselves concerning the products that we put on and in our bodies!!! Become your
own expert so that if you want to, create your own natural products. The cost of doing this is far less than buying
the harmful stuff from the stores.

How??? Where to start? Go to your nearest bookstore, Amazon.com, or your favorite website of books. Purchase a book
entitled A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients. This comprehensive book gives us complete and up-to-date
info about the harmful and the desirable ingredients found in hair products, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals. I have
this book in hand whenever I want to research new products and when people call me with questions while they are

What you don't know WILL kill your hair....and the rest of the physical body.

Below are some quick facts about MINERAL OIL and PETROLETUM/PETROLEUM:

99% of all hair Oils found on store shelves are made up of Mineral Oil as there main ingredient which does
absolutely nothing for hair growth or moisturizing hair & scalp!

Mineral Oil was originally refined from Petroleum for lighting street lamps before the time of electricity, then came
electricity and cars and now instead of refining petroleum from the ground to get Mineral Oil ...everyone was after
gasoline...so a few companies started using the mineral oil for lubricating machinery and babies bottoms to help keep
a moisture barrier between wet cloth diapers and the babies bottom to help reduce diaper rash....
( baby Oil is 100% Mineral Oil)...Now your doctor will tell you their is no need to use mineral oil on a baby with
the new diapers...and overall it is not healthy for the babies skin.

That is Right!!! Mineral Oil comes from Petroleum..same place as Gasoline !

Only Natural Oils can provide the proper moisture & protection for your hair & skin. In order to maintain strong
healthy hair that wont break from all the chemicals and daily styling, pressing & processing.

Rule of Thumb if you are trying to moisturize your hair or increase, strength and growth and the product you use has
listed Mineral Oil or Water as an ingredient! You can be assured it will not work.

Before purchasing a product ALWAYS look at the ingredients list it is much more important than pretty packaging or
the name of the product, unfortunately most people choose a product for package appeal, Name recognition and the
smell of the product and all the major companies know this, so that is what they concentrate on. 90% of their budget
goes to marketing (HUSTLING) and less than 10% goes to product development and cost.

The ingredients list is the only place a company has to disclose everything truthfully and the most important
ingredients are usually the first three listed. The FDA requires that all the Ingredients are listed in order of
highest % to lowest % (meaning what is listed first is the majority of the contents in your container). So if the 1st
thing listed is Mineral Oil, if you see mineral oil or petroleum or petrolatum ANYWHERE on the ingredients list
then throw it away or don't purchase it. It will serve you better in the trash.

If you have dry hair the most important thing you can do too save it from breaking or falling out from the use of
Chemical Relaxers, burning from heat irons, chemicals, and from mechanical stress from braiding and styling well
the best thing you can do is make sure and properly moisturize and reconstruct your hair to strengthen and restore
the elasticity back to your hair to protect it from chemicals, heat and stress. The other thing would be to provide
the most nutrients to your scalp and root so as to hold in roots stronger and provide moisture for your scalp while
promoting increased rate of hair growth.

By Dee Morris from Just Dreadz
Owner/Master Loctician/Natural HairCare Specialist

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