Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SHAME SHAME Kiydiah Childrens Salon!!

As you know I am huge fan of the blog Beads, Braids & Beyond which is chocked full of hair reviews, ideas and awesome styles. Nikki does great work! Such great work in fact that a salon in Newark New Jersey is using her daughters pictures to promote the children's salon WITHOUT Nikki's consent!!

Here is the Salon Information:
Kiydiah Children's Salon & Boutique - (973) 643-6677
83 Halsey St., Newark, NJ 0710

I just read, Stolen Pictures of my Daughter on Beads, Braids & Beyond and was appalled! First of all what kind of salon does promotions with styles that are not even their own? I always assumed when you see a salons photos they were hairstyles the salon actually did! Next, if they want to use Nikki's styles they should have contacted her and asked if her daughter could be a model for their salon and PAID HER! When she tried to contact these people they were apparently very rude...the salon blaming it on the company who made the flyer's. The company in turn says they just take (STEAL) pictures off the Internet and make up the flyers. SERIOUSLY??? I would love to know how many other companies they have served with pictures they stole off the internet!

The name of that company is Ultimate Production Studio and the mans name is Nattyinga.

I sure hope they get this worked out...I really think they owe Nikki and her daughter a HUG apology for stealing her daughters pics, and for the way they treated her!!

It's really a dang SHAME!!!

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