Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moms hair!

Usually I am talking about my hubby's natural hair or my biracial kiddos hair but today I'm going to share about my hair

My hair is naturally loosely curly, if I blow dry with a brush it's pretty much straight. If I blow dry with a diffuser it's curly. If I leave it natural it's somewhere in between...the oddest part is that some areas are curly and others straight, how weird is that?
This is my natural color, which is getting darker as I get older... Yepp I'll be 32 next month! When I was younger my hair was straight and very light blond.

Recently I have seen ORGANIX blogged about on three different blogs so I thought I should try it out.
I bought :

Coconut Milk Shampoo Shea Butter Conditioner:The coconut shampoo smelled great! Unfortunately I could tell immediately that it was going to make my hair feel dry. When I rinsed I felt that my hair felt a bit stiff and tangled. Not good! I was really hoping that I was going to to like this line.

The Shea Butter conditioner also had a nice scent but was too heavy for my hair, it weighed my hair down and left a waxy residue. It might work in a different hair type but after my experience with these products I did not want to try them in my family's hair.

So I am back using my favorite shampoo: Aussie Moist
I buy it in the large size with the pump
I also use Aussie Moist conditioner:

Aussie is probably as close to a "professional" product as you can buy outside of the salon. If the moist is too heavy for you I recommend you try "root to tip." It takes the extra oil away from your hairline without over drying the rest of the hair. I often alternate between the two products but the MOIST really makes my hair feel soft. I also use this product on my daughter when she is out of her products. I have even used the MOIST conditioner as a leave in conditioner for my little girls hair.
For that style check out
When I blow dry my hair straight I use a very small amount of Mixed Chicks Hair Silk
This is another product I use on both my hair and my daughters hair!
I don't blow dry unless I am going somewhere where I really want to style my hair. I pretty much leave my hair natural, I detangle when wet and let it dry naturally. Easy and gentle on my hair :)

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