Saturday, January 9, 2010

Twists to Locks

For this style I used:

Let's Dread 100% bees wax
Rat tail Comb

For Video Directions on two-strands twists check out Youtube here is one good video I found

Basically I just clip up his hair, using my rat trail comb I let down a small horizontal row at a time. I then take a small section depending on the size of the twists you want.

The parts will be less visible if you brick layer the sections

I know my sketch is rough, but you get the idea, right? This just makes the parts less visible.

Divide the section into two pieces. I rub a small amount of bees wax between my fingers and then smooth through the section then wrap those pieces around one another! I kinda twist the pieces that I will be wrapping around one another in the opposite direction of my twist as I go. I then use clips to hold the hair down.

He is going to try to leave the twists in until they lock this time.

I'll keep you updated ;)

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