Monday, January 25, 2010

In the works :)

I haven't blogged much lately because I have been busy trying out some new stuff...I thought I'd update you and after I have used these products for a bit I'll be able to review them

First I hopped over to Amazon and Ordered this book

"No Lye: The African American Woman's Guide to Natural Haircare"

Reviews From Amazon:

"No Lye is a degree granting, home study course in the mystique, magic and proper care of black women's hair. What a blessing!"
--Iyanla Vanzant, author of In the Meantime

"No Lye is not an ordinary how-to book. Tulani Kinard's study on African American Natural hair care is based on her philasophical belief that beauty and self-love is also healthy and biologically sound. A must-read for every African-American women, man, girl, and boy--at least!" --Bernice John Reagon
-- Review

I ordered Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo from Aubrey Organics thanks to recommendations from Happy Girl Hair :) Thanks Joyful Mom! We have decided to go Sulfate Free!!

I forgot to order the conditioner :(

I also ordered Carols Daughter Hair Milk

The website says:

Even women whose relationship with their curls is harmonious most of the year find themselves at war when the mercury and humidity rises. The lush blend of nut oils and shea and cocoa butters in Carol's Daughter Hair Milk fortifies coarser, tighter curls, which tend to be the most parched and vulnerable to breakage." - Stephanie Tweito Jacob, O The Oprah Magazine

See why HAIR MILK has been touted by The Oprah Magazine, Tyra Banks, BET and it has grown from a cult favorite to a recent PHENOMENON! This light, fast-absorbing lotion for the hair is made with essential oil of lemongrass to stimulate natural oil production. Vitamins C and E provide an antioxidant boost while a hint of lily of the valley fragrance perfumes hair beautifully. Hair Milk is ideal for defining natural curls and giving hair loads of shine and bounce.

Lemongrass stimulates scalp circulation and adds luster to dull hair.
Sweet almond oil, a natural nut oil that is high in fatty acids and easily absorbed by the scalp

Can't wait to try it!

At a local store I picked up some sweet almond oil for skin care

I ordered Shea Butter from Amazon for skin and hair

and also picked up some unrefined shea butter from Ghana at a local store

I melted down some Shea Butter with some coconut oil to use of hair and skin and found these cute little containers to store them in. I plan to buy some essential oils and create different scents, like lavender for a relaxing massage or almond for a sweet smelling hair treatment.
Thanks for the idea Beads, Braids and Beyond

Both websites I mentioned above also have recently talked about organization...I had a bunch of little baskets filled with hair decorations and tools...they were a mess and it was not easy to find what I was looking for. I found this 3 drawer organizer at Walmart for $6.00. I also bought a container of zip-lock baggies to organize all her different beads, pony-holders etc...

Bottom drawer is tools
Brushes, Combs, Clips, and a new beader I picked up at the hair store for $1.00

Middle Drawer
Barrettes, hair decorations (I call them hair balls lol, what's the name for these?)

Top Drawer
Beads, Elastics, Pony holders
As you can see J picked out some hearts and pink beads for Valentine's day :)

Just a little look at what's to come!

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