Tuesday, January 19, 2010

crisscross braids step by step

J had a slumber party Sunday night so I got the opportunity to braid her friends hair. I had been wanting to try this crisscross style. The original idea was that I would do four sets of criss-cross braids in the front half and box braid the back. Her friend was very tender-headed and therefore I ended up only doing two sets of crisscross braids and braided the sides straight back and left the back alone...but you get the idea!

To start this style, get out your rat tail comb and divide the hair in half from ear to ear. This pic is on the BACK of the head.

Then divide the top half in half

Divide each of those halves in half. Make sure you are slipping off these sections to keep them from getting mixed up!!

Last time divide each of those halves in half so the front will be in 8 parts

Now we are focusing on the TOP of the head this will be the left side first 2 parts

Divide those parts into three sections for a total of 6 boxes

Then braid like so. When going from one box to another you will need to braid about three extra stitches in between without picking up and additional hair. When you get to the end of the section just braid it out.

repeat with the other side like so. Then repeat in all four sections of the front of the head.

As you can see here I ended up giving up and braiding the sides straight back, you can do that if you like...I just did it because she was so tender-headed and I couldn't torture her any longer!

Instead on box braiding the back I just pulled the braids back into a pony and twisted it but I really think box braids would have ended this style nicely!!


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