Tuesday, January 5, 2010

shopping & update

I went shopping yesterday...it was supposed to be a grocery shopping trip but ended up picking up a couple other products.

olive & aloe bar soap :

The richness of olive oil has been used for centuries to nourish and moisturize the skin, while aloe vera has long been acclaimed the “healing plant.” Combined, they create a unique cleansing and softening bar that's as simple and pure as a soap can be. Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, it is a superbly moisturizing soap suitable for all skin types.

Olive Oil: superb moisturizer for all skin types
Aloe Vera: healing and soothing

This product contains no animal ingredients, artificial colors, or unnecessary chemicals and was not tested on animals.

The bar was massive so I cut it in half.

We have DRY skin in my house. Eczema, itchy skin! Some major skin issues so we're always trying to find gentle cleansers and awesome moisturizers that are natural and budget friendly.

My son took a bath and used it last night. He tells me he didn't feel dry after his bath (and I forgot the sesame oil in his bathwater last night too!). I'm about to try it so I'll let ya'll know how it works.
about $3.00 at Publix

Let's Dread Bees Wax:

I had to sort through sooo many jars of wax until I found one with just BEES WAX. All the other jars had petroleum as the main ingredient and bees wax somewhere on that list. Most said "made with 100% bees wax" but the word "with" allowed for lots of other additives. Marketing can be so tricky!!
$4.99 at the local hair store

Mango & Lime Locking Gel:

I have heard this product is good for locks and twists so I bought some to do some twists with. I do about one row of twists in my daughters hair and they were all funny looking and coming out. I tried to hold them with little 2 prong clips but still they were a mess. I took the twists back out and ended up using a very little bit of the bees wax to hold her twists. I plan to keep her hair twisted for a lil while so I didn't mind using a little bit of wax but we'll have to see how it works out!
UPDATE: The wax I used in the past on J's hair was mostly petroleum before I knew it was bad for hair...This time I used a very little 100% bees wax in her twists. WHAT was I thinking? Not a good idea! Please learn from my mistake! But at least I learned the best way to remove bees wax! Olive oil massaged through the hair will break up the wax. EWW! right? so then you have a head that's greasy and full of wax. Just massage the oil through then wash once or twice with shampoo. Should definitely get the wax out! Don't forget to condition after all that shampoo and use a leave in moisturizer.
Really I should post about mistakes and accidents and how we fixed them. Like how my natural hair ended up green or J's hair got stuck in a rat tail comb...COMING SOON lol!

I'm not sure if I will try this locking gel for my husband or just stick to the wax. It smells good...lol but that was the only really good quality I have seen so far. Oh and it dyes your hands orange, took me a few washing to get the orange color off. *SMH* $3.99 at the local hair store

"Denman" Style brush:
While at Publix I noticed a brush that looked very similar to the denman brush that I know sooo many curly hair sites recommend. I really could not see the difference except in the price! This brush cost me $1.99!! Maybe the Denman brush is better? I can't really say but let's face it, I know some people aren't going to order a brush online (I can't find a Denman brush sold anywhere in my area) and for some people $10+ dollars plus shipping is a lot. I am always looking for budget friendly alternatives and I think this is a pretty good one!
$1.99 at Publix

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