Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gentle and Natural

I am nearly 32 and in the past couple of years my skin had been going crazy. It had been feeling so dry and just not like my skin anymore. I ran and bought scrubs to scrub off the dry skin, cleansers made for aging skin, and skin ended up worse...and all the extra moisturizers were giving me break-out.

decided to just stop with all the products. I now use Kiss My Face soap to clean my face and a bit of olive oil to moisturize. That's it! MY SKIN IS SOOOO SOFT! I don't have any dry patches and no break-outs!

I am using the Kiss My Face soap on the kids also and they moisturize with olive oil mixed with sesame oil. In between they have been using a little coconut oil...they love the scent! :)

What I'm learning is the most natural, gentlest care of your hair and skin is best!

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