Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blended Cutie Review & Style

For this style I used:

Here is what we started with one bed head of naturally curly hair

We co-washed her hair which simply means we washed with conditioner instead of shampoo.
This was the result, kinda wild! :)

I smoothed "Butter Me Up!" from Blended Beauty's Blended Cutie line through-out her hair.
This product is a great moisturizer for her texture of hair.
This is what Blended Beauty has to say:
A rich and gentle moisturizer for curls and kinks that are in extra need.This leave-in conditioning cream, is enriched with shea butter, aloe and chamomile. It is pH balanced for sensitive scalps, and tames frizzies while smoothing and softening those precious curls and kinks.

I then sectioned the hair with my fingers, this is NO way has to be neat you're just giving yourself smaller sections to work with!

Through a small (maybe 2 inch) subsection of her sectioned part I ran
"Down & Out Styles" by Blended Cutie from root to tip.

Here's what Blended Beauty has to say:
A gentle, moisturizing, conditioning and curl defining butter cream. Enriched with shea butter, chamomile and aloe, for smoothing, defrizzing and defining curls. Silk and Beantree create body and shine even on defiant frizzies. Wearing your hair down and out has never been easier!

This product has a little hold and moisturizes at the same time. It's great for doing styles like this because it doesn't have an stickiness or weigh down the hair too much...
Just the right amount to make her curls look great!

See the very first subsection done, yes the curls are much shorter but so well defined.
I did not use a comb, I simply ran my fingers through her hair while it was VERY wet
(here's where the spray bottle may be needed) and saturated with Down & Out Styles
When you run your fingers from root to tip with water and the D&O styles you will notice the hair will begin to part and tell you what pieces to wrap around your finger.

Just wrap the small pieces quickly around ur finger and slide it back out.
This adds beautiful definition to the curls.

Section by section work with about 2 inches of hair at a time, soaking with water then Down&Out styles and wrapping each curl around your finger.

See the difference between the hair I have done and the new piece I just brought down??

Yes you can see some of the product on the wet hair.
Don't worry, when the hair is dry this will disappear!
Aren't those curls pretty!!

The back is done!

See the difference! with just some water & Down & Out Styles her hair is Shiny, well defined and look and feels so healthy! Her hair is not sticky or crunchy, it's soft and curly!

Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment with any questions!

Thanks so much to Blended Beauty for allowing me to review your products!!

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  1. This looks pretty have you use kinky curls,


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