Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mixed Chick Review :)

This is what we started with. My daughters hair is big and crazy when she wakes up if she doesn't wear her bonnet or wear her hair braided. Let's see how well Mixed Chicks can tackle this job!

Let's start with the Mixed Chicks Shampoo....

Here's what Mixed Chicks have to say:
even in the cleanest
environment, hair tends
to grab dust.  over time
dust and product residue
build up and create a
dulling effect.

gets defiant locks
squeaky clean.  then,
once you have a clean
slate, follow with our
deep conditioner and
your hair is ready to
sparkle once again.

Mixed Chicks Shampoo has a nice light scent and smells sooo good! It cleaned Jamilah's hair nicely without making it feel dry.

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner

After washing I squeezed the extra water out of Jamilah's hair. I then applied a generous amount of the deep conditioner. I let it sit in her hair for a couple minutes before I used my fingers to de-tangle her hair. I then went over her hair with a wide tooth comb. She left the conditioner in for another 5 minutes and then we rinsed. 

This conditioner has a really great scent, it was thick but not too heavy and really made de-tangling a SNAP! 

Mixed Chicks Leave-In conditioner/styling cream:

What mixed chicks had to say:
a curl-defining formula designed for us.  
and when we say, "us", we mean "many."  
even if you aren't mixed, you may have
frizz and unruly curls.  MIXED CHICKS
you're black, white, asian, latin,
mediterranean, or any glorious
combination of the above, you'll love the
way these  non-sticky, lightweight,
products leave your hair inviting to touch.

Jamilah hair was so nicely de-tangled from the deep conditioner we didn't need to comb or de-tangle her hair at all. We loosely broke her hair up into four sections and twisted the leave in through her hair from ends to roots. The leave in made her hair soft and curly but did not weigh her hair down or make it appear greasy like many of the products we have tried before. 


What Mixed Chicks had to say:

have you ever watched
someone enter a room, or
walk down the street, and
their hair seemed to have a
silky sparkle?  MIXED CHICKS
hair silk  makes you and your
hair look more vibrant.  how?  
it's our light reflecting formula
that not only gives you added
shine, but prevents fly-aways
and splits

I really enjoyed this whole line but I must say this is my FAVORITE of all the mixed chicks products. This products made Jamilah hair just shine. Hair Silk defined her curls and made them shiny again without weighing them down or making her hair feel oily. I used it lightly through-out her hair and especially at the front where her little hairs look frizzy. Her hair was so pretty...and she was actually HAPPY to leave it down! (rare for her!)

I have curly hair that I sometimes straighten with a  flat iron. I used a tiny drop of this product in my wet hair before blow drying and really didn't even end up needing to iron it. I did lightly go over the front. Where the dryer normally leave my hair looking frizzy and "fly-away" it looked shiny and healthy! LOVE IT!!! 

The Mixed Chicks line did an awesome job with my 

daughters hair and I'm going to start using the hair silk for 

my own hair as well to define my curls or straighten without 


Thanks Mixed Chicks
For allowing us to review your products!!!! 


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