Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Hair

My New Year's "New Year, New Hair" resolution is to be gentler on my hair and my family's hair. I have heard that keeping my daughter's hair braided was a "Protective" style but I didn't even stop and think what those tight braids were doing to her hairline until it started getting thinner and shorter. EEEK! I felt so bad when I realized the style I thought was protecting her hair was actually doing damage.

This year I play to co-wash the kids hair, meaning using conditioner to wash instead of shampoo. If I do use shampoo it's going to be gentle and hopefully SLS free.

I plan to pick gentler styles without so much stress on the hair.
I plan to use my fingers first to detangle my familys hair.
I will keep their hair moisturized and conditioned.
I will continue to study and learn the best and gentlest methods for my familys hair!!!

What are your "New Year, New Hair" Resolutions??

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