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Kera Vada Review

As I have mentioned in the past Jamilah's hair has some damage. Jamilah had been caring for her own hair and she did a lot of flat ironing and pulling her hair into a very tight pony tail. He edges have some breakage and her ends have been trimmed to get rid of some raggedy ends. Our goal is to get her hair back to health and let it grow to the length she had it and beyond!!

When I read about Kera Vada products on Etsy I knew I needed to try it in her hair! Kera Vada makes heavily concentrated Ayurvedic oils that help improve the look, feel and condition of the hair and scalp.

Kera Veda uses no mineral oil, vegetable oil, waxes, or other fillers that leave a messy buildup or clog your scalp. Designed for all hair types, Kera Veda oils are the decadent treat your hair has been waiting for.

After we ordered with Kera Vada they sent us the following message "We ship 2 priority mail to all of our customers. Its bad when you make a woman wait to long for her hair products ;)" I thought that was great! It did arrive super quickly as promised!!

The first product we tried:

4x Concentrated Amla Brahmi Fenugreek Bhringaraj Neem Hibiscus Now with MSM! Ayurveda Conditioner Hair Growth

Ingredients: Organic Amla, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Brahmi Oil, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Tulsi, Organic Bhringraj, Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Dead Sea Minerals


Shampoo can be quite drying, stripping away an excess of natural oils from the hair shaft and leaving hair dry and dull. For added protection before you cleanse, apply the oil, making sure your hair is thoroughly coated. Keep it on overnight, then in the morning shampoo as usual. Your hair should feel soft and shiny, being less susceptible to breakage. This will help your hair to grow longer.

We used this product as a pre-shampoo I applied the oil all over Jamilah's hair and scalp and left it over night under a conditioning cap. (which we ran out of so my poor child wore a grocery bag over her hair...ooops! lol) I love the bottle that these oils are packaged in because the tip unscrews and it's easy to control how much oil you are applying. I wish all oils came with a cap like this!!

As soon as I started applying the oil Jamilah asked "what is in this stuff?" I replied, "Lots of great oils for your hair and scalp!" and she said, "it must have cake oil because it smells delicious like a birthday cake!" HA HA. It does have a very good smell!!

Her hair was very soft when she rinsed it out and even after she shampooed her hair!

I plan to continue to use this on her hair and scalp. I will probably try and add the oil to other products as the company suggests! Because it is so concentrated you can add and oz or two to shampoo or conditioner and make that product even more beneficial to your hair!!

I am amazed that there are so many great oils (read more about them here under "item details") packed into this treatment for such an awesome price. This 4 oz. bottle of 4x concentrated sells for just $19.99!

The second product we tried:

After the pretreat with the Herbal Oil treatment, she washed her hair and we used the Hair Butter with Amla Brahmi Bringaraj Shea Butter Jojoba Castor Oil Almond Oil .

Ingredients: amla, brahmi, bringraj, fenugreek, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, Castor Oil, Green Tea, Jojoba

I used this product in two different ways (don't you love products like that?)

The first way I used the butter was as a deep conditioner. I smoothed it through Jamilah's freshly washed hair and scalp. I covered her hair with a plastic conditioning cap (eh hem plastic bag) and let it sit for 1/2 hour. After a half hour I took a dryer and on a low setting I blow dried right over the plastic cap. Since I do not have a dryer to sit under I have found that this method, though tiring, works pretty well as an alternative. Putting heat on the hair helps the product to melt into the hair and scalp, which helps all those nutrients really get into the cuticle of the hair. After another 1/2 hour she rinsed her hair.

When her hair had started to dry a little bit I began to detangle her hair. Because we had used the oil the night before and the butter the next day there was no issue with detangling. I easily detangled her hair with a bit of the butter and my fingers. Because Jamilahs hair is damaged we are trying to use the LEAST amount of tools on her hair possible to lessen breakage and stress on the hair.

I then used then used a rat tail just at the root of the hair to section off her hair in a brick like pattern for TWISTS! Putting the rest of her hair loosely on top of her head with a scrunchie and section at a time I took out about an inch wide are, smoothed the hair butter onto it and twisted! This hair butter makes a great product for twists and twist outs.

I guess we used it in 3 ways... #1 Deep Conditioner #2 Detangler #3 Twisting product besides all the benefits that the butter itself has for the hair and scalp! Another steal at $14.99!

Here are Jamilah's Twists
 she likes to wear them with a head band or scarf
From Kera Vada:
Our lightly scented Ayurvedic oils will immediately leave your hair shinier, healthier, and full of body. Kera Vada oils are slowly Sun-Infused with the best organic herbs fresh from the rolling fields of India. The traditional sun infusion method has been widely used throughout India for thousands of years. Our methods naturally create robust oils, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that increase the growth and thickness of your hair. Known throughout the centuries for their ability to dramatically moisturize the hair shaft, Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj, along with our exclusive nourishing herb complex, are slowly infused into a balanced mix of pure coconut, olive and GrapeSeed oils. Kera Vada concentrated oils are sure to invigorate your tresses and have an immediate impact on your hair with your first use.
We love these products and give them a big thumbs up!!
Great customer service and awesome products.
Love that they are highly concentrated and ALL natural!
Visit Kera Vada
check out all there awesome oils at their ETSY shop HERE
Big thanks to Kera Vada for allowing us to review your products!
We plan to keep using these so stay tuned for future reviews!!

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