Monday, November 18, 2013

Edge Maintenance

One of our facebook followers asked the following question: How do you grow back edges Healthier?

It seems to me that when hair health is struggling the first place that is starts to show is the edges. I know that's the case with Jamilah. We are currently working on improving her edges too.

The biggest reason people (with Natural Hair) lose there edges? Traction Alopecia. Alopecia means balding or baldness. Traction is basically tension put on the hair. Putting too much tension on those fragile edges can do great damage cause hair to break off and even cause balding.

Here's a few things to try:

  • Put less pressure on your edges. No more tight braids, twists and tight buns and pony tails. While you are growing edges back try to avoid styles that put pressure on the edges. You could try wearing a funky head wrap or cloth headband if the damage in the front is very noticeable or for a style that is easy on your hairline.

  • Use a satin pillow case and/or satin sleep bonnet. The slip of satin creates less friction on the hair while you sleep then other materials like cotton. The more you can "baby" your hair the better.

  • Use healthy hair products. Using deep conditioners and healthy hair oils and treatments can help improve you hair condition.

  • Lay off from blow drying and flat ironing as much as possible. Again, less stress on the hair is best right now, "pamper" your hair all you can!
Hope these tips help, That's what we are doing right now to help Jamilah grow her edges back. 

***Please note: This is no substitute for a professional opinion... Alopecia can have many causes, it's a good idea if you are experiencing Alopecia to speak with a medical professional.

Here are some links that might help also!

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I hear a lot about Castor Oil but I have not tried it myself!

If you have any tips, ideas, or links that might help go ahead and leave a comment below!!!

Thanks Ya'll~

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