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Beehive Hair Company Review

Created by an Atlanta stylist since 1994; Beehive Hair Company products were born in 2007 for clients with curly, coarse, and natural hair. Simple and effective, each and every product is versatile, a minimum of 82% organic, vegan, paraben, gluten, and cruelty free. Beehive Hair products are completely safe for the entire family and perfect for color and chemically treated hair. 

 " Curly hair is so much fun. It's like a party on your head!" ~ BHC client
cre'me cleanse - non sudsing shampoo alternative for curly, coarse, natural hair
Cre'me cleanse is simply a hair cleanser in cream form. It does not lather like a liquid cleanser, but instead gently froths.
Cre'me cleanse contains peppermint extract to help remove dirt and debris from scalp without removing hair's vital moisture.
Can also be used as a light conditioner for those of you with fine, limp, or oily hair.
Cre'me cleanse contains no parabens, sulfates, hair softening chemicals (sometimes found in fabric softeners), and is vegan, gluten, & cruelty free.

Ingredients: organic aloe juice, cetearyl alchohol, castor oil, stearalkonium chloride, hydrolysed wheat protein, and pro-vitamin b5
Our Experience: After thoroughly wetting her hair I smoothed the Crème Cleanse through Jamilah's hair. I liked the peppermint smell, peppermint always reminds me of clean and Christmas lol. Maybe a perfect Holiday gift? But the peppermint scent is great to use on the whole family because I know the males in my house always dislike when I hand them flowery or sweet scented products.
The products said it gently froths but I didn't notice any frothing in Jamilah's hair, it smoothed through like hair lotion. I massaged it into her scalp and kind of dragged it through to her ends. I ended up using quite a bit of product, maybe twice the amount of the picture above because her dry hair seemed to want to soak up the product. She rinsed her hair and it felt great. Her hair was not feeling stripped or "squeaky" clean but cleansed and refreshed. 
I love that it's all natural. I love that it can be used for everyone in my household with curly, natural hair. It's also vegan and cruelty free!!!
Condition - vegan rinse out conditioner for curly, coarse, dry, damaged, natural hair
Condition is an amazing rinse-out conditioner perfect for curly, coarse, dry, chemically treated , and natural hair. Condition absorbs into the hair cuticle providing essential moisture to the hair and rinses clean leaving no residue or build-up that can weigh hair down. Condition is vegan, free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and harsh irritants.
Our Experience: After rinsing Jamilah's hair we blotted the excess water from her hair and smoothed through the Conditioner. This product smelled very nice to me, I smelled rosemary and some kind of mint in this product as well. It's not a heavy heavy conditioner, not exactly light either. We left the product in Jamilah's Hair for 5 minutes and she rinsed. Her hair was soft and smelled very nice. There wasn't the "slip" you get with products that add chemicals and silicones but it's much better for your hair.
I liked this product for an everyday (or every wash) conditioner. It's also Vegan and cruelty free and natural! Awesome! Good stuff!
Natural Hair Cre'me, luxurious hydrating leave in butter for coarse, curly, natural hair. Great for moisturizing dry skin too.

A luxurious super rich moisturizer for hair & skin.
Ingredients are simple & sweet : coconut oil, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado butter, & essential oils for scent.
An essential product for curly, coarse, textured, and distressed hair. With regular use, hair becomes softer, shinier, curls actually curl - not frizz!, and distressed hair becomes more manageable.
Cre'me does double duty as an amazing body cream on hands & cuticles, legs and great for overworked feet!
Our Experience: What is this cream Not good for? It makes a great dry skin cream, especially for people with dry skin and eczema like Jamilah. Nice clean scent not particularly sweet or too strong. I also used the to moisturize Jamilah's ends and seal the moisture in. THEN I used this cream to twist Jamilah's hair. (Yes, she is crazy about twists right now!) Great product.... awesome versatility! I love products that can be used multiple ways!
After using this collection of products from Beehive Hair Company Jamilah's hair looked so healthy and shiny. I know that it will take some time to truly get her hair back to health but this product definitely helps to improve the look of dry frazzled hair, and with time, the condition also!
Some other products we tried from Beehive Hair Company 
Literally dozens of uses.....
Dry lips - ✔; cracked cuticles - ✔; dry elbows - ✔; sore nose from endless blowing - ✔;
funky feet - ✔; crazy flyaway hair driving you crazy - ✔✔✔
Balm is great to stash in kids school bags, perfect for purses, gym bags, and travel.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, beeswax, Shea butter, coco butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, avocado butter, vitamin E, rosehip oil, aloe oil, neem oil, citrus essential oil blend.
As always - paraben, petroleum, gluten, & cruelty free
Our Experience:
Balm is good in that it can be used for soo many things. I get super dry lips this time of year that literally crack-open, so painful. I used balm in a large crack and it was healed by the next day!! Also used it for my elbows and cuticles and I can see using it much more.
My only issue with BALM isn't really a big deal but I did find it to be quite firm. That's good in that it won't like melt if you have it in your purse or bag but I did find it a little difficult to apply. I found that my finger temperature would not melt the balm so I needed to scrape a little out and apply a thin layer. On my lips the balm melted quite nicely (be sparing when it does melt a bit a little goes a long way!) and on my skin a little massaging melted it nicely into my skin. Don't let this keep you from purchasing BALM however, it's well worth the price and this minor detail.
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Thanks so much to Elizabeth Liversidge from Beehive Hair Company for allowing us to review her products and providing products for an up-coming giveaway!!!

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  1. Interesting post. It seems like this is a very versatile hair cream. Thanks for sharing your experiences with it.


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