Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just a quick style

I sat down with really no plan last night.

I first treated J's hair with coconut oil, I melted it with my hands and smoothed it through her hair. I then waited a couple hours and co-washed her hair with Mixed Chicks deep conditioner. I then smoothed some "Butter me up" through her hair to moisturize. I divided her hair into two layers and without any plan I just began to braid, adding a little down and out styles to each area that was to be braided.

This is pretty much just two levels of simple cornrows. The rows on top are ended with small white barrettes and the ones on the bottom ended in white beads with a small elastic (BB&B recommends you put them in oil first)

Just a very simple style, nothing salon quality. If the rows on top look a slightly different size it's because I needed to cover J's bald spot. I plan to write a blog about dealing with these problem areas and if J doesn't mind I will show you her bald patch and explain some techniques for covering these problem areas. If you look at the center row on the left hand side of her head you can see the stitches of hair look different in the front...that's where Hair had to be gently pulled from the sides of the bald spot to cover it. I am super carefully to braid gently over this area because I don't want to break off ANY hair around this patch as it will make covering it impossible.

My batteries died in my camera before I got a shot of the front :(


  1. I think this is my fav!! Looks really nice. I love how you braided the top and put it in pigtails. Might have to steal this one day.

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  3. Thanks!! My friend used to do her hair like this forever, she calls it the cheerleader look. Except my friend wasn't good at hiding the bald patch :( I always have to modify styles and ideas to get around her bald spot...which is about as big around as a quarter and longer in length and LESS than an inch behind her hairline

    It's similar to a style you did at except your braids went out to the sides into ponytails :)

    Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out


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