Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kynx Premier Membership Club

As a "thank you" for the loyal Kynx fans that we've had from the start, we are offering a Premier Membership club. Starting today, our i am Free Kit and our i am Unique Kit will each be $19.99. These kits include a set of (4) products:

*i am Natural...Softening Cream Cleanser

*i am Strong...Silky Kinks Ultra Hydrating Conditioner

*i am Fierce...Refreshing Leave In Moisturizer

and your choice of

*i am Free...Miracle Kink Cream or i am Unique...Texture Defining Gel

When you purchase your kit now-April 30th, you will automatically become a member of our Premier Membership Club. This will lock in your discounted pricing for 1 full year! For the next year you will pay only $19.99/kit or $5.00/each for individual products! This is too great a deal not to share! For more information check out the details at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

one of those things....

So I'm walking around the hair store and these two women walk in staring at me like I'm some kind of alien and one announces, "I didn't know WHITE people shopped here!" Lol just another one of the joys of having an interracial family, trying to shop for hair products. Either people stare at us, or there is an abundance of people trying to help me find something. It's nice to be helpful but I got this! lol One woman even came up to Jamilah when her hair was in a puff, felt her hair and said "this girl needs a perm, I can help you find a good one" UMMM No thanks! I don't need any help and I don't appreciate all the advice we get about getting perms!! I got this!! Her hair is beautiful just the way it is! BOO! to the haters!

I do love it when natural women commend me for leaving my daughter's hair natural! I love it when naturals tell me I'm doing a good job with her hair and appreciate that a white woman can understand the importance of being natural! LOVE IT! Thanks for all of you who have given me so much encouragement!!

Keep rocking the Natural Ladies!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kynx review


i am Pure...monoi de tahiti oil

Product Usage:

For hair: Use as a Hot Oil Treatment. Warm in the hands or microwave, apply to hair, leave in for 30+minutes, cleanse/condition hair.

Use as a Scalp Treatment: Apply directly to scalp nightly. Use as a

Finishing Product for added sheen: Warm in the hands and apply where needed.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower E xtract

Our experience:

We used the Monoi de tahiti oil fora hot oil treatment between styles. I warmed it slightly in the microwave and applied to Jamilah's hair then waited about 30 minutes before rinsing and washing out. He rhair was very shiny ans soft. I decided to put her hair into some braids using some new spring colored beads we had picked up. I applied more of the monoi de tahiti oil to her scalp and when her hair was dry I smoothed more at the ends of her hair where her hair tends to be a little more brittle and frizzy.

I braided her hair using THIS method from Katlynylyn and her result was beautiful Shiny braids!!

LOVE this oil!!! It smooths so nicely into the hair and leaves is soft and shiny!

Thanks to Kynx for allowing us to review there product!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Darcy's Botanicals Review and giveaway 2

Darcy's Botanicals

Cherry Kernel Nectar Hair and Body OilThis light, cold pressed emollient oil absorbs easily into hair and skin.

It contains natural antioxidants along with vitamins A & E. It feels wonderful on skin.

Cherry Kernel Oil also contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid called eleostearic, which helps to protect hair and skin from the sun.

Can be used as a light moisturizing oil for hair, body, and face:)

We scent it with the sweet succulent fragrance of black cherries.

Our experience:
Yummy, delish! We love the scent of this oil. It's a nice light oil that can be used on the whole body, hair and face and it smells delicious, what else could you ask for? We Love it! My daughter cannot use a lot of perfumes (due to her severe eczema) so she loves this oil, not only is she treating her skin but she feels like she is putting on her "perfume" since it smells so nice! It's a must have!

Want to try Darcy's Botanicals for yourself?

Darcy's Botanicals is offering a giveaway to one lucky reader!!

You will win:

Cherry Kernel Nectar Hair & Body Oil

Peach Kernel (Natural Curls) Hydrating Milk

Daily Cleansing Conditioner Cream

To enter:

Visit the website HERE

Come back and tell us what your favorite Darcy's Botanical Product is and leave a comment below (with at least your name and first initial)!

This is required to enter and this can only be done once please!

For additional entries:

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Thanks to Darcy's Botanicals for this generous giveaway!!

Ends 3/20/2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baka Beautiful Review #2

Baka Beautiful Review #2
We have been using several products from Baka Beautiful on Jamilah's hair and as you can see her hair is looking longer and her curl pattern has opened up a bit. She can now wear her hair down and have it fall to her shoulders, which is the look she prefers for herself. As I stated in my previous review the Natural-Laxer does not straighten the hair, it contains no chemicals, it's a treatment that makes hair more manageable and adds curl definition but does not permanently alter the hair!
The pictures above were taken after the 3rd treatment, using the Silk Protein Shampoo and Conditioner and using the Curl Enhancer and hair butter (all discussed below). We really like this line of products, it's really unlike any other we have tried.
There are several products out there that claim to be "natural relaxers" but contain harsh chemicals that may RUIN your hair!! Natural-laxer is the ONLY product like this we would recommend so don't be fooled by other companies that throw words like "natural" out there but really contain chemicals. Baka Beautiful Natural-Laxer contains only Sahara Clay, myrtle, rose petals, fenugreek, nettle, sage. All natural and all good for the hair!!

We Love it!!

Customer service is also great, there to answer any questions you may have!!

Silk Protein Conditioner

Deep conditions in just 60 seconds. No need to wait 15 minutes for results.
Structurizing proteins of different molecular weights penetrate deep within
the hair shaft producing benefits like no singular protein can:

(1) Rice protein with low molecular weight penetrates the hair shaft to
rebuild and strengthen damaged hair.

(2) Corn Protein with mid-range molecular weight adds shine and luster.
Enriched with 19 amino acids and 14 vitamins essential to hair nutrition.
Botanical extracts revitalize and energize depleted, stressed hair.
Special anti-static formula fights flyaway hair and the frizzies.
Produces exceptional manageability and a healthy luster. Contains
a broad spectrum sunscreen protection. pH balanced.

Our experience:

Very good conditioner, softened and detangled Jamilah's hair after only a brief application. Great to use after Natural-laxer treatment and after silk protein shampoo or Max Moist shampoo with Argan oil!

Silk Protein Shampoo:
This is the perfect match to our Silk Protein Conditioner. Because not everybody has oily or dry hair, just damaged hair in need of repair. Pair them together to restore and re-balance the hairs ph level, leaving your hair smooth and stress-free with a healthy luster. Silk Proteins help soothe and moisturize the hair without adding weight to the hairs surface. For All Hair Types.

Our experience:

Cleaned Jamilahs hair without overdrying. We use this product before using the natural-laxer on Jamilah's hair to remove and residue and after the treatment to remove any remaining product from the hair.

DEFINITION, Curl Enhancer

Use After or in between NATURAL-LAXER MIX Applications or Anytime for Styling Maintenance, Definition, Sheen & Control.

REDUCES FRIZZ because it is Humidity Resistant. ELIMINATES DRYNESS.

Light & Creamy Maintenance & Radiant Style Finisher, which adds a wonderful SHEEN and touchable Finish to your enhanced & Defined Curl or Wave.


Our experience:

This is probably the best defining products I have tried!! It defined Jamilahs curls without having to smooth her curls one by one like I normally have to! Her curls had some much definition from this product I was amazed! You can see by the pictures above her curls were shiny and beautiful!

Baka Hair Butter

BAKA HAIR BUTTER 100% NATURAL Organic Shea Butter infused with Healthy Hair Oils. BAKA HAIR BUTTER melts in your hair and penetrates the Hair Shaft with HAIR HEALTHY Organic OILS

of ARGAN, JOJOBA, AVOCADO, ALMOND & HEMP. This combination of Shea Butter and Natural Oils combats DRYNESS,

Itchy Scalp, Split ends, and gives the hair a Healthy Sheen. Finished with a light fresh natural oil fragrance. Non-Greasy.


Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic African Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil & Hemp Oil.

(NO Mineral Oil, NO Beeswax)

Our experience:

Very Nice hair butter! Jamilah tends to have a dry scalp and we love to smooth hair butter on her scalp to treat the dryness....Not all the time of course because the scalp does need to breathe! We also smooth it through her hair to add shine and treat her tresses! This has a pleasant scent and smooths nicely into the hair or scalp! We would recommend this hair butter!!

We also recommend you try:



MAX MOIST SHAMPOO w/ African Argan Oil

Check out our other Baka Beautiful Review HERE

Thanks so much to Baka Beautiful for allowing us to review their products!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Darcy's Botanicals Review (Tightly Curly Method)

Darcy's Botanicals

Daily Cleansing Conditioner Cream

Our experience:

Awesome, gentle cleansing for the hair! I wet Jamilah's hair and gently massaged the Daily Cleansing Conditioning cream through her hair, cleansing her hair but not stripping it. After rinsing we applied the Peach Kernel Hydrating Milk as described below. Love it!!

Distilled Water, Cetearyl Alcohol,
Cetyl Alcohol, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Shea
Butter, BTMS, Grapeseed Oil, Vegetable
Glycerin, Cetyl Esters, Pyrus Malus (Apple)
Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry)
Extract, Citrus Medica Limonium (Lemon)
Peel Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis
(Orange) Peel Extract, Carica Papaya
(Papaya) Leaf Extract, Cationic Guar Gum,
Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin,
and Fragrance.

Peach Kernel (Natural Curls) Hydrating Milk

Our Experience:

We used the Peach Kernel Hydrating Milk with the Tightly Curly Method, found HERE (We used the Hydrating Milk instead of Conditioner)
While Jamilah's Hair was very wet we applied the hydrating milk and combed through her hair. The Hydrating Milk had great slip and the wide tooth comb slipped easily through her hair. We then sectioned the hair into four sections and smoothed each curl with the hydrating milk. It worked great, her curls were separated nicely and dried softly without being crunchy. Her hair looks shiny, and smells like peaches!! LOVE IT!

Dstilled Water, Organic Aloe Juice, Peach Kernel Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba, BTMS (emulsifying wax), Vegetable Glycerin, Yarrow, Sage, Horsetail, Nettle, & Lavender Extracts, MSM, a paraben-free preservative and fragrance

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mixed Chicks HIS MIX giveaway!

Check out our HIS MIX review Here

Would you like to win your own HIS MIX set?
One Mixed Chicks HIS MIX shampoo and conditioner set!

Visit the Mixed Chicks Website
come back and tel us which product peaked your interest
This is REQUIRED to enter!!

Contest ends 3/11/2012
One winner will be chosen at random!

Please leave (at least) your first name and last initial.

winner must send their contact information to within 3 days or another winner will be chosen!

This giveaway is closed! Congrats to Sahara #5
Please send your contact information within 3 days!

Thanks to all who entered!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

7evolution review and giveaway

Natural Hair Shirt - Laundry List of Love

Haircare Instructions:

Hand wash only

Do Not machine dry

Air dry preferred

Do not heat press

Do not Bleach

Cover with Love!

I love this t-shirt!! Positive image, good quality shirt!

Check it out!!


Natural Hair Shirt - Real Women

Real Women Do It Naturally! ... Although we may choose to change it up from time to time. real women know they are beautiful naturally both inside & out!

Love this t-shirt and the positive message it brings!

We are giving away one Women's Size small (6-8) which also fits my daughter girls (14/16)

in the Real Women design!

To enter visit the 7evolution shop

come back and leave a comment saying ENTER ME! that's all!

one winner will be chosen 3/10/2012

This contest has ended the winner is #6 Amanda

Congrats, please send your contact info. to within 3 days

Thanks to all who entered!!

Strawllers Review and Giveaway

This was my very first set and I have to admit I was a little nervous. Turns out Strawllers are really easy to use! Jamilahs Curls turned out really pretty and took hardly and time to achieve! We don't have a sit under dryer so we used the diffuser on our hair dryer and it worked perfectly!
For best results use with Strawllers products!
We used the shampoo, conditioner and setting lotion!

Want to try Strawllers for yourself?

and come back and tell us what size strawllers you would like to try, one winner will be selected to win 3 packs of their choice!

One winner will be chosen on 3/8/2012

This giveaway is now closed the winner is #8 Andrea


Please send your contact information within 3 days or another winner will be selected :)

Thanks to all who entered!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

grahamNgraham review and giveaway

"Don't touch my hair" (Curly Natural)
from grahamNgraham

I Love this natural hair t-shirt from grahamNgraham.
I love the girly cut, and the funky design!

There t-shirts come in various colors and various hairstyles and lengths.
Very Cool! LOVE IT!

Jamilah is a girls 14/16 and is wearing a women's small

grahamNgraham also has "don't touch my hair" bags in various colors!

Want to win this very kool "Don't Touch My Hair" Bag?

Just visit grahamNgraham ,
come back and leave a comment stating what your favorite product is!
That is REQUIRED to enter!

Contest ends 3/9/2012
One winner will be chosen at random!

Please leave (at least) your first name and last initial.

winner must send their contact information to within 3 days or another winner will be chosen!

This giveaway is now closed the winner is #3 Trish Ross

please send your contact information within 3 days to or another winner will be selected!

Thanks to all who entered!!

Rock that natural review


We love this "Nice and Natural" t-shirt from ROCK THAT NATURAL

COMFORTABLE FIT pre-shrunk 100% cotton 5.5 ounce t-shirt. Double-needle stitched neckline, sleeve and bottom hem. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping. Seamless collar. Shirt is available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X and 3X. Colors: White or Grey

Great for when you "Rock that Puff"!!!!

Jamilah could not wait to wear this shirt to school. I know she gets a lot of questions being one of only a few natural girls at her school. She was so proud to wear this shirt and show that Natural is Cool! I love the idea of these shirts and how they promote a positive image for natural girls and ladies!

Nice quality shirts with a positive message....and really cool too!
Very reasonably priced and well worth the money!!
Check them out!

Also check out her other great styles and awesome crochet jewelry!

Other Great Styles Available:

Rock'n my Natural

Proud to be Natural


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LKD Kids review and giveaway

Child-Size Headband Batik Lovin' Natural Hair

what the website has to say:

Adorable CHILD size headband. 100% cotton fabric with fabric covered 3/4" elastic in the back. Front fabric is gathered to create a slight pleated effect. No plastic pieces to squish, hurt your head or break in half.

You can scrunch these headbands up at the forehead for a thin look or lay it flat to make a wide headband. Very versatile. Looks great with any hair color or style. The greatest thing about these headbands is that they don't ride up in the back. They stay in place!

Our experience:

We complimented Jamilah's twist-out with this lovely headband from LKD Kids! This headband is really nice and I love the colors! I wish I had ordered a larger size, Jamilah is 10 and I ordered her a child size which is a little tight. I should have ordered an adult size headband.

Soft Jersey Hair Sock Headband with flower detail.

What the website has to say:

Need something cute to wrangle in all those wonderful curls?!? This little jersey fabric hair sock headband is perfect!

It's made from a fun retro graphic jersey fabric (think a soft worn-in t-shirt) with a contrasting white shabby-chic flower made from the same jersey-type fabric. I leave the edges raw so they roll up a bit. Very cute!

Back fabric is gathered to create a slight pleated effect (last picture shows the pleating). No plastic pieces to squish, hurt your head or break in half. They are also stretchy enough for the fluffiest of hair.

You can scrunch these headbands up at the forehead for a thin look or lay it flat to make a wide headband. Very versatile. Looks great with any hair color or style. The greatest thing about these headbands is that they don't ride up in the back. They stay in place!

Our Experience:

This hair sock fit Jamilah's head perfectly and it's a child size. It's soft, stretchy and very pretty with the flower accent! Jamilah said it felt very light and comfortable. I think it compliments her twist-out perfectly! Love it!

We love these headbands and need one in each color!

Want to win a $10 gift certificate good at LKD KIDS or LKD Designs?

All you have to do is visit the links above and tell us what product you would buy with your $10 gift certificate! That's all!

This is required to enter!

Thanks to LKD Designs for this generous giveaway!

One winner will be drawn on 3/8/2012!
Please leave (at least) your first name and last initial! Winner must respond with their full name and address within 3 days or another winner will be selected!

Afiya is Closing! Sad news!

Sad News
We got this note from Afiya, (one of our favorite natural hair companies) today :

Saying Our Goodbye's

Thanks for all of the support you've shown Afiya for the past two years! We could not do this without you. We would like to let you know that we are going out of business. You will have until next Wednesday February 29th to purchase your last orders. Please check out our 50% off sale. Again, we thank you for making our dreams of entrepreneurship possible!

Please check their website for AWESOME deals HERE

CURLS Puerto Rico Trip Giveaway

Curls is offering a trip to Puerto Rico Giveaway!

Visit their Facebook page HERE
click on the 4 leaf clover under their profile picture to enter!

Good luck ya'll !!!

HBL Review and Giveaway

HBL Hydrating Products

I was recently sent the HBL Hydrating system to try and I really like the products and want to share them with you!

HBL Hydrating Shampoo

What the website has to say:
Gently cleanses, moisturizes and smoothes hair of all types.
Keratin Amino Acids naturally repair and strengthen hair, adding elasticity. Panthenol thickens and moisturizes strands while silk protein seals and smoothes the cuticle.
Unique surfactants guarantee sudsy foaIming action. This rich cleansing formula can also be used as a hydrating facial and body wash.

Our experience:
I found my hair was so soft after using the HBL Sulfate free shampoo! It's one of those products you can use on the whole family (which I love) which means it works on my daughter's naturally curly hair and my wavy blond hair as well. One of those products that can be used for the whole body!! awesome!

HBL Hydrating Conditioner:


What the website has to say:
Soothes, moisturizes and protects hair without excessive weight or leaving a greasy feeling.
For all hair types, contains Keratin Amino Acids to strengthen hair, silk protein to seal and smooth the cuticle and a rich blend of anti-oxidants including Chamomile Leaf Extract and vitamins A, E and C.

Our Experience:
Really good conditioner, my hair felt instantly softer. I did not need to use a separate detangler for my hair after using this conditioner. Jamilah's hair felt much softer as well! There was no weighed down feeling, as mentioned, my wavy hair easily turned to curls with the help of the spray in mousse.

HBL Spray Mousse

What the website has to say:
Creates lift, flexible volume, texture and soft shine in an easy-to-use spray application. Panthenol plumps and moisturizes the hair shaft to make it appear thicker while Glycerin works as a humectant to keep hair moist while special resins create a soft luster.

Our experience:

I did not use the mousse in Jamilah's hair just in my own. I have naturally wavy hair that can be blow-dried straight or scrunched into curls. This Mousse made my hair so easy to curl. It's completely weightless and non-sticky but it made my curls look so pretty! Love it!


I love these HBL Products!!

Want to win your own set valued at over $95!!!???

Visit the HBL website HERE and come back and leave a comment letting us know what product you would like to try it! This is REQUIRED to enter!

One winner will be selected 3/7/2012 and will receive the 3 products described above!

For additional entries:

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any questions please e-mail

This contest has closed the winner is Katherine Pereira # 3

Thanks to all who entered!!

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