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Baka Beautiful Review #2

Baka Beautiful Review #2
We have been using several products from Baka Beautiful on Jamilah's hair and as you can see her hair is looking longer and her curl pattern has opened up a bit. She can now wear her hair down and have it fall to her shoulders, which is the look she prefers for herself. As I stated in my previous review the Natural-Laxer does not straighten the hair, it contains no chemicals, it's a treatment that makes hair more manageable and adds curl definition but does not permanently alter the hair!
The pictures above were taken after the 3rd treatment, using the Silk Protein Shampoo and Conditioner and using the Curl Enhancer and hair butter (all discussed below). We really like this line of products, it's really unlike any other we have tried.
There are several products out there that claim to be "natural relaxers" but contain harsh chemicals that may RUIN your hair!! Natural-laxer is the ONLY product like this we would recommend so don't be fooled by other companies that throw words like "natural" out there but really contain chemicals. Baka Beautiful Natural-Laxer contains only Sahara Clay, myrtle, rose petals, fenugreek, nettle, sage. All natural and all good for the hair!!

We Love it!!

Customer service is also great, there to answer any questions you may have!!

Silk Protein Conditioner

Deep conditions in just 60 seconds. No need to wait 15 minutes for results.
Structurizing proteins of different molecular weights penetrate deep within
the hair shaft producing benefits like no singular protein can:

(1) Rice protein with low molecular weight penetrates the hair shaft to
rebuild and strengthen damaged hair.

(2) Corn Protein with mid-range molecular weight adds shine and luster.
Enriched with 19 amino acids and 14 vitamins essential to hair nutrition.
Botanical extracts revitalize and energize depleted, stressed hair.
Special anti-static formula fights flyaway hair and the frizzies.
Produces exceptional manageability and a healthy luster. Contains
a broad spectrum sunscreen protection. pH balanced.

Our experience:

Very good conditioner, softened and detangled Jamilah's hair after only a brief application. Great to use after Natural-laxer treatment and after silk protein shampoo or Max Moist shampoo with Argan oil!

Silk Protein Shampoo:
This is the perfect match to our Silk Protein Conditioner. Because not everybody has oily or dry hair, just damaged hair in need of repair. Pair them together to restore and re-balance the hairs ph level, leaving your hair smooth and stress-free with a healthy luster. Silk Proteins help soothe and moisturize the hair without adding weight to the hairs surface. For All Hair Types.

Our experience:

Cleaned Jamilahs hair without overdrying. We use this product before using the natural-laxer on Jamilah's hair to remove and residue and after the treatment to remove any remaining product from the hair.

DEFINITION, Curl Enhancer

Use After or in between NATURAL-LAXER MIX Applications or Anytime for Styling Maintenance, Definition, Sheen & Control.

REDUCES FRIZZ because it is Humidity Resistant. ELIMINATES DRYNESS.

Light & Creamy Maintenance & Radiant Style Finisher, which adds a wonderful SHEEN and touchable Finish to your enhanced & Defined Curl or Wave.


Our experience:

This is probably the best defining products I have tried!! It defined Jamilahs curls without having to smooth her curls one by one like I normally have to! Her curls had some much definition from this product I was amazed! You can see by the pictures above her curls were shiny and beautiful!

Baka Hair Butter

BAKA HAIR BUTTER 100% NATURAL Organic Shea Butter infused with Healthy Hair Oils. BAKA HAIR BUTTER melts in your hair and penetrates the Hair Shaft with HAIR HEALTHY Organic OILS

of ARGAN, JOJOBA, AVOCADO, ALMOND & HEMP. This combination of Shea Butter and Natural Oils combats DRYNESS,

Itchy Scalp, Split ends, and gives the hair a Healthy Sheen. Finished with a light fresh natural oil fragrance. Non-Greasy.


Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic African Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil & Hemp Oil.

(NO Mineral Oil, NO Beeswax)

Our experience:

Very Nice hair butter! Jamilah tends to have a dry scalp and we love to smooth hair butter on her scalp to treat the dryness....Not all the time of course because the scalp does need to breathe! We also smooth it through her hair to add shine and treat her tresses! This has a pleasant scent and smooths nicely into the hair or scalp! We would recommend this hair butter!!

We also recommend you try:



MAX MOIST SHAMPOO w/ African Argan Oil

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Thanks so much to Baka Beautiful for allowing us to review their products!

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