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Just Natural Organic Care Review

Organic Care

What the website has to say:An ultra rich creamy moisture replenishing formula specially

created to enhance the natural vitality of your black hair.
The hair of African Americans is unique. It is beautiful but

It is prone to breakage and dryness. Even simple combing can
weaken and cause damage. Add heat or styling and your delicate
hair can become a mess.

This shampoo was formulated with natural moisture rich
ingredients that meet the needs of African Americans with
natural hair.

Natural ingredients provide a balance of cleansing without
stripping your natural oils to protect and strengthen your hair.

Our Experience:
The first thing J always wants to do is smell the products I apply to her hair. Creamy Shampoo got a nice big "MMMMM" We really liked the natural scent. The creamy shampoo has a great texture, creamy but not to the point where you have to glob it into her hair, it spreads nicely. It also rinsed very nicely, left her hair clean (not over dried) smelling fresh and soft.

What the website has to say:

The chemicals in many conditioners sit on your hair and scalp and
eventually may cause problems. Some chemicals do penetrate your
hair and scalp. But is that something that you really want?

The natural fruit oils, butters and herbal extracts in our natural
conditioner will penetrate your scalp and hair to the deliver vitamins,
minerals and proteins for beautiful naturally healthy black hair.

This creamy natural conditioner for African Americans with natural hair is unlike anything that you have ever experienced. With your first use you will see and feel a noticeable improvement.

Our Experience:
I never say this but, This is my new FAVORITE product. In fact, I have named it Product of the month. This is a must have for dried tresses. We love it! The light natural scent is awesome. It's thick and rich, and a little goes a long way. This leave-in disappears into your hair and leaves it amazingly soft! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! $19.99 is a steal for this 16 oz jar!!

What the website has to say:

Many use oils and conditioners that cannot be absorbed by hair.

Over time this can lead to hair loss and thinning hair.

This natural oil treatment penetrates each strand of hair to
increase its volume for a much fuller looking head of hair. The
essential oil blends are both stimulating and nourishing for the

Great for hypoallergenic and sensitive scalp because it mimics
the scalp's own sebum.

Our Experience: 
They are not kidding when they say this oil is absorbed into the hair. You can spray a generous amount in the hair, adding shine, manageability and softness but what you won't get is and oily head! Light herbal scent, great for female or male hair. I love this product too! 5/5!!
What the website has to say:
Moisture or lack of it is what hair care is all about.

Without enough moisture hair becomes dry, frizzy, brittle and
prone to breakage.

This organic moisturizing pomade instantly restores lost moisture
to your hair. It nourishes each hair to provide
more strength and flexibility reducing breakage.

Shea Butter and Kokum Butter add shine and softness.
Grapeseed, Kukui Nut and Rosehip Oils are absorbed by
your hair, adding manageability.
Essential oils and herbal extracts nourish your hair
follicles for increased growth.
Organic formula lets your hair and scalp breathe.

Our Experience:
My new favorite for twists and natural styles!!! I used this for twisting and LOVED IT! It held J's twists together so nicely and completely disappeared into her hair.
what the website has to say:
This Organic Gel has vitamins and proteins that strengthen your hair.

A great seller for those that want a full hair style without hair being
weighed down. Will not clog pores on the scalp! Will not
contaminate hair follicles! A natural way to style your hair. No harsh alcohol or
synthetic fragrance. Can be used on short or long hair for added body.

Provides versatility and hold in any weather. Infused with nourishing
extracts of Aloe Vera and Botanical Herbs, this gel adds shine and
texture without weighing hair down.
You can have effective hair benefits and looks with natural curly hair.

Our Experience:
Very Nice Light Lemony Herbal scent. This gel is not very thick so it's great for curly styles when you want to define the curls but not weight them down. NICE shine! This product does not dry sticky, tacky or hard....your hair just feels soft!!
I washed J's Hair with the Creamy Shampoo, rinsed and toweled off a little. I sprayed the hair treatment in her hair and detangled. Immediately her hair looked shiny and felt so soft but not oily and de-tangled so nicely. I then smoothed the leave-in conditioner in her hair. Her hair looked so pretty and her curls were defined nicely.
J wanted twists so after her hair dried naturally I sectioned off her hair and applied the pomade to each small section I wanted to twist, and I combed it through. Her twists held together beautifully. The only product that has held her twists this well is bees wax and that's for a more permanent style when trying to make dreads. I will definitely continue to use the pomade for twisting and styling her hair. AWESOME HOLD...
Here are her pics :)


Let me just say I have tried many natural hair products and this is one that I highly recommend and will continue to use on my daughters natural hair !! I gave the whole line a 5 out of 5! AWESOME!

This is NOT a paid review. I received the products mentioned above as a trial.
 All opinions are mine and you can't pay me to lie!! :)

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  1. yay! I can't wait to try this product for my girls! Thanks so much for the important reviews!


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