Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reviews: What about the products we didn't like?

I bet it seems that we like every product we try? Well, Yes and No. First of all we only select companies to review that we are comfortable with. They must not use ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to the skin, body or environment. They also must have a similar basic philosophy, that being, that the human being is best in their natural state. Natural Hair is Beautiful, we are trying to enhance it and NOT change it.

If there is a product that we receive that has multiple issues then we do not review it. We just don't do the review. If there are a few small details, such as scent not being pleasant but it's great for the hair, of course we will print the review and mention the small detail. Rather than bad mouth any company we would prefer to just not do the review.

So when we bring products to you, we give you our word that we have tried the product, it worked for us and we are giving our HONEST opinion. You just can't pay us to lie...(not that any one's offering money lol)

Peace and Blessings ~ Jennifer

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