Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Virtue Knits


What the Website has to say:

This black and white knitted hair clip is a wonderful addition to any hairstyle. It would even work beautifully for a bride's maid gift or on a little girl. It is handmade with a black button in the center.

Measurements: 3.25" (8.5cm) in width X 3" (7.75cm)

Care: Machine wash and dry warm on the gentle cycle in a garment bag. Handwashing is not recommended as it may stretch out the material.

Here is better pic of the flower from the ETSY shop:

Our Experience:

This is a cute flower, a very funky addition to a natural hairstyle. We braided J's hair back on one side and twisted the rest, clipping the flower on the braided back side. I think it looks really cute on her!!

(J and all her Modeling poses lol)
What the website has to say:

This cuff was inspired by the styles of the 1970's. I blended brown beads into the knitted design in this piece. I love how this cream color blends with the model's brown skin. The cuff is a wonderful addition to any outfit.
Measurements: one size fits most women
Care: Machine wash and dry warm on the gentle cycle if needed.

Our experience:

This cuff fit both J and I and my wrist is so much bigger!!
I love this cuff, J and I are going to have to battle it out to see who keeps it lol.
What can I say? It's exactly what the website describes and it pretty much speaks for itself! At $8.00 it's a steal, very unique and funky! LOVE IT!!! 5/5!!



  1. Thanks for the review...I am very pleased that you liked it...I take care of my customers, just stop by.


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