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Pigtail Pals Giveaway!!! Curly Cutie T-shirts!!

Last Christmas I entered a contest and won the coolest t-shirt from through my  friend, Kat Robertson's, blog . My daughter LOVED her t-shirt and I was thrilled that the Pigtial Pals offered to give away a t-shirt on our site!!! We are LOVING the new designs featuring Natural Hair Cuties!!!

From the website:

    Our empowering shirts for girls will "Redefine Girly" and show the world just how

smart, daring and adventurous girls can be.

It is time we change the way we think about our girls.

The company had remained pretty much neutral on race, creating black/white images until recently when they created three natural haired girl shirts!
Here is a little about the shirts from Pigtailspals Blog
It was a lot of fun coming up with these, and all three received very positive feedback during our conference last weekend. We’ll be adding yoga pants, shorts, ball caps, and little treats like stickers and pencils very soon! Our three new designs will be available for order April 1st!

I love this sailing design because in the “When I Dream” video (our Pigtail Pals theme song by Jill Dawson) there is a picture of me as a child of seven years old sailing on one of my dad’s sailboats. I grew up sailing, it was our family past time. In high school I joined Sea Scouts and raced competitively around the Great Lakes. One of the best accomplishments I’ve ever had was sailing a 30 foot boat by myself on San Diego Bay with a crew of six.

This design is in honor of my daughter, the Original Pigtail Pal, whose complete obsession with dinosaurs has her thinking she is a dinosaur. She has gone so far as to tell her preschool teachers and swimming lesson instructors to call her “Amelia Dinosaur”. I think this is fantastic, except for one thing. There is not a stitch of clothing for girls that has a dinosaur on it. So we have had to shop in the boy’s department. Until now!

I am really proud of this design for two reasons. First, it is the only Breast Cancer Awareness tee that shows a girl finding the cure. For young girls who have a family member going through Breast Cancer treatments, this has become a coat of armor for them. Also, for really little girls who cannot yet read, the words “Find the Cure” on a t-shirt don’t mean anything to them. This design speaks to them in a language they understand – pictures.

This design is also in honor of a mentor of mine. When I first launched Pigtail Pals, I was very cautious to make sure my designs were diverse, kind of representing all races and no races all at the same time. Dr. Venus Evans-Winters taught me why that didn’t work. It was an important lesson for me, and I am thankful she took the time to make our conversation a teachable moment. When bridges for communication and understanding are built, barriers can be knocked down.
From: Melissa Wardy; Pigtails Pals
This is J's Shirt:

It says "Don't Fight with Girls"

What I love about these t-shirts is that they show girls/women in roles not typical for the box society puts us into. Most t-shirts I see (for little girls especially) are Barbie dolls and princesses but nothing that really tells them, "I can be ANYTHING!"
I'm even more excited with the new designs featuring natural hair cuties!!

Please take a minute to read Pigtail Pals Mission
They explain it so much better than me!!

Winner will receive their choice of ANY of the PigTail Pals Designs, in any size they carry!!

(yes, they do have adult sizes up to 3x)


MANDATORY to enter:

You must visit the PigTail Pals website, come back and leave a comment telling us which design is your favorite
 (not all designs are featured here)

Optional Additional entries:
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Winner will be drawn at Random On August 6, 2010

Pigtail Pals is committed to being a socially responsible company. Every decision we make takes into account what message our actions send to young girls, what impact our actions have on our customers, and what size footprint our actions will leave on our environment. The following are examples of Pigtail Pals Social Responsibility with Product Production:

•Our tees are made sweatshop, child-labor free.

•We use local vendors whenever possible.

•Our marketing materials are always recyclable.

•Our shipping and packaging materials are post-consumer content and always recyclable.

•We use USPS for shipping which cuts down on extra fossil fuel use because they are coming to your home 6 days a week.

Equally important to Social Responsibility is how Pigtail Pals supports our local community, our nation, our world. Pigtail Pals endeavors to teach girls that with success comes the ability and responsibility to help others. Every month Pigtail Pals will show girls that they can change the world through good works.


We will partner with charitable organizations whose projects focus on children's education, health care, and access to clean water and food. Check back frequently to see who Pigtail Pals partners with next!

Please Direct Any Questions to:


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  6. I want to win the sailing shirt for my daughter!!!

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    I would like to win the doctor shirt

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    CONGRATS and thanks to all who entered!!

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