Thursday, July 1, 2010

Working with relaxed hair.

I would love to work with hair on a more professional level again one day. Perhaps in a natural salon or maybe even one day opening my own AA/Biracial natural hair company.

One thing I was thinking about is people transitioning. I realized I had ONLY dealt with natural hair. Recently I decided to do the hair of several people whose hair had been chemically relaxed.

I can't believe anyone would think relaxed hair is easier. I had such a hard time getting through 3 out of the 4 heads I hair that I did. I used tons of moisturizers and detanglers an it seemed impossible. The hair was so broken down it turned to mush when wet. The natural hair I work with is sooo much easier to detangle and style. A couple of the girls I worked with had extremely short or nearly bald patches from their hair being burnt off or broken off. What can you do with hair like that? I couldn't even grip it to braid it back.

I think there should be a skull and cross bones on the package because all those chemicals....the same ones used in drain cleaners are deadly to your hair!!

Why would anyone think relaxed hair is easier to work with??

My daughter can run and play in the sprinkler; her little friends with relaxed hair are either unable to play in the water or must wear a water cap.  She can wear it in an afro, or just curly, or stretched. She can wear Afro puffs, Braids, twists and a myriad of styles.

Look at the men, women, girls and boys represented on my blog.... Look at their Long, Beautiful, Natural hair!! Think twice before putting the creamy crack into your childs hair!!!


  1. I recently tried to do something for a friend's daughter's hair. OMGosh, it was hard. It wasn't relaxed, just naturally straight and silky and it was so hard for me to work with. This was very surprising to me because that's MY hair too. I grew up braiding and playing with my hair and all my friends hair. but I guess I have become accustom to working with only my daughter's hair because now all of that is foreign to me now.

  2. Me too, I can't do straight hair. When I say that people think I'm joking but really I can' That's why my hair is long, no bangs and I just wash and go lol.


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