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Family of Purpose

I am a 35 year old mother of two tweens. I am currently a stay at home mom but previously have worked in Event Planning, Program co-ordination, Supported living coaching and more. I attended the University of Southern Maine and studied Social and Behavioral Science. Prior to attending college I studied Cosmetology at Bernards School of Cosmetology. I love blogging and reviewing and have been blogging for over 5 years.

Please send your proposal to (the main contact for all 3 blogs)

We have divided our blogging into 3 separate blogs


1.    Hair with Purpose: dedicated to Natural hair and Skin care. I review hair and skin products, accessories and items related to the “Natural” lifestyle.

2.    Teen Life (with Purpose): With my supervision the tweens in the house ages 12 and 14 (male and female) review all things teen. They will review games, clothing, electronics, cosmetic products, and any other age appropriate products.

3.    Home with Purpose: reviewing cosmetics, anti-aging products, fitness products, electronics, household decorating and cleaning products, pet products (we have 3 dogs and 4 cats), automotive products, and any other family friendly products.

Reviews:. Product reviews are a wonderful and inexpensive means of exposure for your brand because they provide personal testimony based on honest experience with the desired item. Reviews are shared on the blog websites, Facebook, Twitter and in some circumstances Youtube videos will be made.

Please Note: All reviews are 100% my honest opinion. I will email you a copy of my review prior to posting it if you request.

Products: sample required, must be supplied and shipped to us. Full sized products only as I need to be able to get a good feel for the product to give an accurate opinion.

 { Product will NOT be returned}

Giveaways: A giveaway is an optional component to a review but I find it attracts much more traffic to the review and ultimately give the most exposure to your product. A giveaway may be for product, a gift certificate or subscription to a service. We will host the giveaway and require participants to visit your website or online store. Entrants will be able to earn extra entries into the giveaway by completing tasks such as following your social media sites and spreading word about the giveaway through various media outlets. I will contact you with the winner’s information and product will need to be shipped directly from the company.

Contact: As soon as a review or giveaway have ended I will contact a company representative. Should there be any issues with the products I will contact the representative and let them know my concerns.


We have worked with the following companies:

Curls, Mixed chicks, EO Products, Lush, Original Sprout, Hydratherma Naturals, Blended Beauty, Healthy Hair Journey, Darcys Botanicals, Peace Love& Sunshine, Nature's Blessings, Beija-flor naturals, Zenzele, Cara B, Organic Excellence, Jelly Beary, Virtue Knits, Heads Ta-getha by Wethree Queens, Pigtail pals, Snapaholics, Tru Kid, Knotty Boy, Healthy Hair Plus, Bee Mine, Macadamia, Mop Top, Fuzzy Duck, Deva Curl, Kinky Curly, Long hair lovers, Curls by Sisters Smith, Razzamatazz, Side Winders, Jane Carter, Curly is Cuter, Pooka Pure and Natural, Kynx, Baka Beautiful, 7evolution, Strawllers, grahamNgraham, LKD Kids, Rock That natural, HBL, Afiya (closed), Mossy Rock Designs, Nelesc Designs, Lilla Rose, My Honey Child, Cleopatra's Choice, Shea Terra, Headband Holder, Motions, Boricubi, Beehive Hair Company, Obia Naturals, PilloPoket, SaMon Shop, Kera Vada, Jackie J Shirts

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