Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Banding With Original Sprout

BEFORE: Hair with Shrinkage

We washed J's hair with Original Sprout Shampoo
 and towel dried a bit before applying Original Sprout Leave In conditioner.

I Finger-Combed her hair and applied Original Sprout Gel

I finger combed the Original Sprout Gel through her hair



•For Soft, Strong Healthy Hair

•Gluten, Soy & Nanoparticle Free

•E.U. & Prop 65 Certified Ingredients

•Helps Repel & Protect with Organic Rosemary

•Clean, Light Hold for Flyaways, Frizzies, Curls & Waves

I braided the top and banded the back....
Banding is a way to straighten or loosen the curl without heat or chemicals
Basically you just apply some tangle-free pony holders one after another down the hair length.
For some videos on how to please type in Hair Banding on Youtube.

In the morning I took out the banding and lightly applied
Ultra Firm™

•PH Balanced

•Fragrance Free

•For Wet or Dry Hair

•Anti Frizz in Humidity

•Spikey-Do's Last All Day

•Free of Hormone Disrupters

•For All Hair Types & Textures

•Free of Fruit Extracts & Honey

•No Citrus Oils (Photosensitizers)

•With Natural & Organic Ingredients

•Holds Barretts, Ponytails & Updo's in Place

•With Organic Rosemary to Help Repel Lice & Insects

This is a very thick cream that would be good for holding any style, braids, twists, up-do's.
 I ran it along the length of her hair and combed it through

There is an amazing difference in the length of her hair before and after banding her hair.


  1. Wow her hair looks so moisturized and stretched out. My baby's hair never looks like that after a banding session. I may have to try this.


  2. We LOVE all the Original Sprout Line! They make awesome, quality products for the whole family!! That's one of the best parts, their products work for the whole family...even our interracial family of white, black and biracial!

  3. Wow, her hair is so long! When I saw the picture, my mouth almost dropped open. Shrinkage is so cool. (I have straight hair so I get pretty much none.)


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