Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Ok for lack of a better title I labeled this blog sharing...

The other day we got and awesome shout-out from WeThee Queens for giving shout-outs to other blogs :)
Thanks WeThree Queens!

Let me share a little story... When I first started blogging I had no idea about blogging etiquette so when I found a blog I really liked I went on and shared a link to my first giveaway. I was so excited and wanted as many people to enter as possible. I wasn't thinking about stealing traffic away from another blog but I soon realized that's how some bloggers see it. I was soon e-mailed and told how rude my actions were and that many other bloggers felt that way. I felt really bad. I mean, my intention is and has been to share information, my information, your information, any natural living information. So I apologized and decided that my blog would be a safe place for anyone to share their natural hair experience. No offense to the other blog, we all have our own way of blogging and our own boundaries.

Here at Hair with Purpose we welcome you to SHARE your blog links, pics, contests here!! We encourage you to check out the blogs we have listed on the side!

If you ever want to share ANYTHING about your natural hair journey just e-mail us at

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  1. Love that it's all about the HAIR here and not about "keeping" people. Or trying to get anyone to not look anywhere else for information. I love the India Arie song Better People. It is about how we should all talk to each other and that will in turn make us better. This is what your post reminds me of, how people become so selfish, thinking only of themselves and trying to better them or their blog when in reality we become better by sharing.


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