Tuesday, March 13, 2012

one of those things....

So I'm walking around the hair store and these two women walk in staring at me like I'm some kind of alien and one announces, "I didn't know WHITE people shopped here!" Lol just another one of the joys of having an interracial family, trying to shop for hair products. Either people stare at us, or there is an abundance of people trying to help me find something. It's nice to be helpful but I got this! lol One woman even came up to Jamilah when her hair was in a puff, felt her hair and said "this girl needs a perm, I can help you find a good one" UMMM No thanks! I don't need any help and I don't appreciate all the advice we get about getting perms!! I got this!! Her hair is beautiful just the way it is! BOO! to the haters!

I do love it when natural women commend me for leaving my daughter's hair natural! I love it when naturals tell me I'm doing a good job with her hair and appreciate that a white woman can understand the importance of being natural! LOVE IT! Thanks for all of you who have given me so much encouragement!!

Keep rocking the Natural Ladies!!!


  1. I know the feeling :) When we moved back to the states and I went to Ohio to help my sister with her new baby. I went to a hair store in Ohio M was 3 at the time and ran up to a man she thought was her father and yelled daddy. His girlfried was not impressed and she quickly tured to fight mode. I told her that M dady was in the UK and she was just missing him and her boyfriend resembled him. She then turend to her boyfriend and said you better not be messing with a white girl.I quickly grabed up M and left. I didnt want a fight in the hair store. Talk about welcome back to the states shock.

  2. I think I'm going to create a T-shirt that says, "Yes, my mommy is white and can braid" (or something to that effect) or "yes, my white momma did my hair"

  3. Yeah it's frustrating to have people assume you're clueless. Like, seriously... after 12 years of raising girls you would think folks would realize I'm not hair-impaired. To see the look of SHOCK when their "Who did your hair?" question is answered with "Uh, my mama..." is just too much. :/

  4. Her hair is so beautiful and I love the idea of not getting perms. Leave it the natural way to maintain its shine, thickness and beauty.


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