Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have been talking to several people about dreads. My husband wants to twist his hair back up and turn it into dreads. My daughter just wants some three strand twists. For both I want to use a good bees wax. I realized the bees wax we have had a lot of other junk that makes it too slippery for dreads and isn't healthy for hair. The one store I went to had nothing today and my favorite hair store wasn't open so guess I won't be twisting any hair until tomorrow.

Some people say that wax is bad for dreads and that is glues the hair together. One locktician that I talk to says that 100% BEESWAX IS WONDERFUL!. The Stuff that is labeled as beeswax but is actually PETROLEUM/LATUM (BLENDED WITH A LIL BEESWAX, LANOLIN AND FRAGRANCE) is what she discourages the use of but real beeswax is great!

Read your labels!!

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  1. Great advice. I hope that you find the product that you need. Looking forward to seeing pics.


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