Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hair Updates


As I mentioned before my goal for the new year is to be gentler on the hair. As much as I wanted to run to the hair store and buy decorations today I refrained. For the last week J has been wearing her hair curly with just a headband in the front. In the AM we just have to spray in a little curl moisturizer and shake her hair out. It's pretty easy but probably more work than having braids in all week. When she co-washes her hair I simply put in the conditioning products and curl every curl around my finger to define them. (yes the same style from the last couple of blogs)

I notice her hair was feeling so dry. The front was getting thinner and there was less hair around her bald patch. I realized that it she didn't stop losing hair from this region that her small bald patch would be visible. She is pretty self conscious about the spot and so I definitely don't want that to happen. I think the braids in that area and the use of rubber bands and the strain of heavy beads and decorations were damaging that already thin hair.

Maybe I'm over doing? I'm really not sure. I'm just doing ALL I can to keep her natural hair healthy, soft and beautiful. Instead of shampoo we have been co-washing with conditioner and keeping a moisturizer and conditioner in her hair. It looks better already but only time can tell if it's truly going to make a difference in her hair.


My son has been growing his hair out and has had to move from his brush to a pick. He has been co-washing his hair too and it's been really soft. It's growing pretty fast...he can't wait for it to be long enough for braids!


I took hubby's braids out this AM and I will be doing three strand twists tomorrow and blogging about it (of course lol) He was wanting to lock his hair but hasn't really gotten there yet.

Three strand twists were like a mystery to me until I found this Tutorial Video on you tube using three colors of yarn. I could never really tell what they were doing in the other video's because the hair was all the same color and I couldn't see where the hair was going. Check out this video and tell me if it works for you!

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