Friday, December 4, 2009

Hair with Love

People often ask me, how could you sit down for 1hr, 2hrs. sometimes up to 4 hrs. and do someone's hair. I have to admit it's not easy, sometimes my fingers hurt and my back definitely aches a bit after a long style. When I am do my loved ones hair though, there is a connection being made. I take the time to treat the scalp, rubbing moisturizers, or oils into the scalp. I move on to gently detangling the hair. I remember back when used to fight against the hair, now I work with it and understand it much better.

There is much love that goes into each style. It's like my art work, and with great anticipation I wait for my loved one to run to the mirror after a style and assure me that they are pleased with my creation.

When I style my daughter's hair, we often put on a movie she enjoys, yes even if it's Hannah Montana, AGAIN! lol. We talk and joke, we take breaks, we have a snack, it's a bonding experience between my daughter and I.

My husband also has long hair, which I braid or twist. I always start by treating his scalp. Sometimes I give him a deep conditioning treatment and a scalp massage. He finds this so very relaxing and usually falls asleep on me. I spend hours dividing and twisting his head FULL of hair into small 3-strand twists, or braiding it back. For me it's an expression of my love for him, it's very intimate and again, a bonding experience.

My son has short hair, which I will be documenting his decision to grow out. In the past he has tried to grow it out but he is very tender-headed and I could not stand to do his hair so we have been keeping his hair pretty short. He assures me he is ready to grow his hair out too, so I'm excited to see what his hair will look like with some length. Well anyway, my son with his barely there hair will jump on the floor in front of my when I am done doing someone's hair and insist I do his. There's not much to do with a nearly bald child, but I suspect it's the bonding he's looking for, not the style. I rub oils on his scalp and massage his head and take a little time for him to have the experience of having his hair done.

I'm no expert on hair, I know a few styles, what I know, I taught myself. My family has been patient with me and they let me experiment with new styles and sometimes I fail but in the end the experience was more about the love anyway and not so much about designer hair! It's Hair With Love!!


  1. Hello!
    Will you alos share with us the products you use on your husbands hair and which he uses and how often for cleaning etc. My husband is growing his out again soon and my sons are talking about it too!! I wanted to get some good stuff for his hair, thanks for any help !

  2. My husband is currently thinking about dreading his hair. Currently he has twists which I redo about once a month. His hair is pretty soft and similar to my biracial childrens though he is not biracial. He fully washes his hair about once a month in order not to disturb his twists.

    I use Kemi oil on his hair and scalp. A woman a met with long beautiful black hair said it made her hair grow and feel really soft so I have been using it on my whole family.

    We are currently searching for more information about dreads since dreads are new to me :).

  3. Did you enter the haircare giveaways?? They aren't just ladies products!! :)

  4. I did enter and started following your blog, thanks for all the info!! Can't wait to see what else you do!


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