Saturday, December 12, 2009

Naturally Fabulous

I want to share with you this site I came across today that I am really digging called

Naturally Fabulous

Not only are there some great blogs about hair and all things surrounding hair, such as how to deal with people who have snide comments about your natural hair but, there are also some great products at very reasonable prices. The products are natural and handmade and I am loving the way they are packaged!!

I want to try the Shea butter:
This is what the site says about it:

Shea Butter:

Pamper your hair, skin and body with this all natural moisturizer from Africa. Because my Shea Butter is raw and unrefined (meaning not altered in any way from its natural state) it is perfect for use in any hair or skin care recipe! Because it contains no perfumes, chemicals or irritants it is especially ideal for those with sensitive skin and skin allergies.

Shea Butter can be used in many ways and aids in many conditions including (but are not limited to): Conditions and Moisturizes hair* Prevention and Repair of stretch marks* Face Cream* Heals dry cracked lips* Anti-Aging Cream* Natural Sun Screen *Softens hard dry skin (elbows, feet, knees)*Prevents Diaper Rash & Soothes* Helps control Psoriasis & Eczema* Moisturizes and conditions skin from head to toe
Also want to try the coconut confidence hair and body butter, and the coconut lemongrass multi-purpose butter!! The products are sold HERE but the site also features products!!
Check it out!


  1. The Coconut Confidence is AMAZING!!! I use it on my hair and skin. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and my skin has a glow to it!!

  2. Nice find, I can't wait to try these!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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