Monday, January 31, 2011

On a personal note....

I haven't been blogging lately but I have been working on many changes.There were a few things bothering me that kind of spiraled into a depression in which I didn't even want to get out of started a bit before issues....past issues were triggered and before I knew it I was just a depressed mess. I hardly wanted to leave my room and I certainly didn't feel like I had anything valuable to share with the world. So my e-mails have gone unanswered, my blogs have gone untouched and I have completely lost touch with my cyber world.

I have started seeing a awesome counselor to deal with some of the issues that have been eating away at me. She's great, they could not have found me a better match....I'm journaling my journey since it's a little too personal to blog....yes,,, ha ha...I do have some boundaries of what I will not blog about but perhaps one day I'll write a book.

I'm here...planning some new ideas for "Hair with Purpose" I have some backed up reviews to work on and a lot of unanswered if you need to get ahold of me please e-mail me at or for hair related e-mails

Lots of Love and Blessings ~ Jennifer


  1. wow, jennifer, so sorry to hear that things turned badly but excited to see that things are turning around. i love your blog and look forward to seeing what new things you have in store! praying you feel better soon! :-)

  2. oh! I am so glad to hear you found a great counsellor! That can make a world of difference.

    Take it easy, we'll be here when you get back! (I still refer people to your site, anyway, even tho you haven't posted in awhile!)


  3. Thanks so much for the support!!! Lots of love and blessings ~ Jennifer

  4. Hi, I am an African American woman with natural hair and I stumbled across your blog while looking around for natural hair blogs. I just want to say I wish there were more people out there, both Black and White who are all about instilling love for highly textured African American hair into our children. I am sorry to hear that you were depressed, but rest assured that you have alot to give the world.

    You don't know how much it means for a little brown skinned girl to be taught that her hair- the way it grows out of head, is beautiful and doesn't need to be changed. You are making such a positive impact in the world and you should know how special that is and that you are appreciated. Thank you.


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