Monday, January 31, 2011

On a personal note....

I haven't been blogging lately but I have been working on many changes.There were a few things bothering me that kind of spiraled into a depression in which I didn't even want to get out of started a bit before issues....past issues were triggered and before I knew it I was just a depressed mess. I hardly wanted to leave my room and I certainly didn't feel like I had anything valuable to share with the world. So my e-mails have gone unanswered, my blogs have gone untouched and I have completely lost touch with my cyber world.

I have started seeing a awesome counselor to deal with some of the issues that have been eating away at me. She's great, they could not have found me a better match....I'm journaling my journey since it's a little too personal to blog....yes,,, ha ha...I do have some boundaries of what I will not blog about but perhaps one day I'll write a book.

I'm here...planning some new ideas for "Hair with Purpose" I have some backed up reviews to work on and a lot of unanswered if you need to get ahold of me please e-mail me at or for hair related e-mails

Lots of Love and Blessings ~ Jennifer