Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We're Back!!!! For real this time!!!

Hey everyone!!!
     Just a quick update before I post my first new review.

Jamilah had decided she no longer liked the beaded braids and styles I had been doing in her hair and wanted to try some new things. She decided to take over her hair care. She went away for much of the summer to visit family out of state and when she returned her hair was needing some help. There was a lot of breakage in the crown area of the head, some of her hair was just over an inch long!! I was a little freaked out. We trimmed her hair and conditioned it well and for about a month and a half she work kinky twists as a protective style. We used weave for the first time!!

Here she is on the first day of school with her kinky twists
(looking super tired to be up so early after a summer of sleeping past 5am!! LOL)
When we took the Kinky Twists out her hair had grown a bit. She wanted to do something with her hair but felt most of my styles looked too young or too girly for her. So most of the time she went around with just a puff, maybe high, maybe low but pretty much the same look every day! Well, at least it's growing!
It pretty much ALWAYS looks like this now....
Ummmm, yeah....
So my new mission is to find new styles that are TEEN friendly and some fun SPORTS friendly styles now she is an athlete!
We're still keeping it natural.
We also have opened a youtube channel and will be doing reviews there, and of course linking them here!!
Of course when we get back in the swing or things we will be hosting fun giveaways!! We'll also be letting you know of some deals and steals for the natural girl!
Love and Blessings, Jenn

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