Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Motions 3-Step Heat Styled System for Natural Hair Review

Jamilah has really been wanting to try straight hair, though she does not want to chemically alter her hair. I had never been a big fan on flat ironing her hair, I guess the main reason was it always looked very frizzy and never have her the look she desired. I attempted flat ironing her hair quite a few times and she would end up throwing it in a puff or a bun anyway so, my hour of work was a waste. We were never happy with the results and yes, we have tried several different products.

When Motions sent me their 3-Step Heat Styled System I was pretty skeptical. I didn't think we were going to come out with any result different than we had in the past. Even when I did get the hair straight it was frizzy so I'd add heavily oiled products and it would look super greasy and divide into clumps.

I was very surprised at the result we got from these products. Let me tell you a little about them and we'll see the end result....

Here are the 3 steps:

1. cleanse


Motions Straight Finish™ Cleanser

Re-hydrating conditioning shampoo, blended with Shea Butter and Keratin, helps replenish moisturization, for naturally curly textures. It's the perfect prep step to smooth and strengthen curls before heat styling.
The Natural Match for
• All natural hair types
• Hair that is unmanageable and easily tangles
The Benefits
• Shea butter and Keratin infused formula gently cleanses, softens and conditions
• Helps ease detangling, softening and elongation of tight curls
How To Use
• Wet hair thoroughly. Massage cleanser into hair to create a generous lather. Rinse hair thoroughly and repeat if needed.
• Short/Fine Hair: Apply a quarter size amount
• Medium Length Hair: Apply one half dollar size amount
• Especially Long/Thick Hair: Apply one half dollar size amount

Our experience:

Nice light scent made her hair smell great. This cleanser cleansed her hair without over-drying it. Her hair felt very soft straight out of the shower before adding the leave in conditioner. I found that it was easy to de-tangle even before I started adding conditioner which is normally not the case with most shampoo's.

2. Condition

Motions Straight Finish™ Leave-In Conditioner

Formulated for natural textures, with Coconut Oil and Keratin, this leave-in formula adds a layer of strengthening moisturizers that helps protect the hair before heat styling.
The Natural Match for
• All natural hair types
• Hair that is brittle and lacks moisture
The Benefits
• Intensive leave-in formula for added moisturization, with Coconut Oil, Keratin and Argan Oil.
• Gently loosens tangles and softens coils.
How To Use
• Apply sparingly to towel dried hair and work through, using a wide tooth comb, until hair feels smooth and fully detangled. Add more as needed. Do not rinse. Blow dry thoroughly.
• Short/Fine Hair: Apply a dime size amount, starting at the ends and working up to the mid-shaft
• Medium Length Hair: Apply a quarter size amount, starting at the ends and working up to the mid-shaft
• Especially Long/Thick Hair: Apply two quarter size amounts, staring at the ends and working up to the mid-shaft

Our experience:

Though her hair was pretty easily de-tangled with just the cleanser, adding the leave-in conditioner made it super easy to de-tangle. I used a Denman brush to de-tangle her hair and she blow dried her hair. Normally after blow drying her hair feels pretty straw like but it was still quite soft after blow drying with the leave in conditioner. I definitely like this leave-in and would use it outside of this 3 step routine as well.

Step 3. Leave In

Motions Straight Finish™ Sealer

A heat straightening serum formulated for natural textures and infused with Almond Oil and Keratin. Helps retain moisturization and control frizz.
The Natural Match for
• All natural hair types
• Hair with frizz and without shine
The Benefits
• Formula with a blend of Almond Oil, Keratin and Argan Oil leaves hair smooth with lightweight body.
• When using heat to straighten the hair, the formula minimizes frizz and leaves a luminous shine.
How To Use
• Dispense 1-2 pumps into your palm and distribute evenly throughout clean, fully blow dried hair. Iron hair in small sections, carefully smoothing from root to tip. Do not continually apply sealer while flat ironing hair. Remember a little goes a long way. Works well for roller-sets too.
• Short/Fine Hair: Apply 1 pump
• Medium Length Hair: Apply 1 pump
• Especially Long/Thick Hair: Apply up to 2 pumps
Our experience:
Do not skip this step!!! This product made Jamilah's hair shine! Her hair was frizz free, smooth and shiny after this product!. It wasn't as heavy as other sealant type products we have tried and it worked much better!
We were very pleased with the results and Jamilah even wanted to wear her hair down!!

I would recommend using all three products together as they work together very well...and at around $6.99 they are very affordable!
I forgot to take a "before" shot today but in case you forgot this is what Jamilah's hair looks like without heat styling....
Thanks to Motions for allowing me to review your Heat Styled Line for Natural Hair.
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We're Back!!!! For real this time!!!

Hey everyone!!!
     Just a quick update before I post my first new review.

Jamilah had decided she no longer liked the beaded braids and styles I had been doing in her hair and wanted to try some new things. She decided to take over her hair care. She went away for much of the summer to visit family out of state and when she returned her hair was needing some help. There was a lot of breakage in the crown area of the head, some of her hair was just over an inch long!! I was a little freaked out. We trimmed her hair and conditioned it well and for about a month and a half she work kinky twists as a protective style. We used weave for the first time!!

Here she is on the first day of school with her kinky twists
(looking super tired to be up so early after a summer of sleeping past 5am!! LOL)
When we took the Kinky Twists out her hair had grown a bit. She wanted to do something with her hair but felt most of my styles looked too young or too girly for her. So most of the time she went around with just a puff, maybe high, maybe low but pretty much the same look every day! Well, at least it's growing!
It pretty much ALWAYS looks like this now....
Ummmm, yeah....
So my new mission is to find new styles that are TEEN friendly and some fun SPORTS friendly styles now she is an athlete!
We're still keeping it natural.
We also have opened a youtube channel and will be doing reviews there, and of course linking them here!!
Of course when we get back in the swing or things we will be hosting fun giveaways!! We'll also be letting you know of some deals and steals for the natural girl!
Love and Blessings, Jenn

Sunday, October 20, 2013

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