Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery, "Grandma and Me" by Gregory Myrick review

          I recently ordered an art print from Fulcrum Gallery from their African American Art collection. When I saw the piece by Gregory Myrick entitled “Grandma and Me” I immediately had to have it. It depicts a grandmother reading a newspaper on the porch while her granddaughter braids her hair. I love this piece because it reminds me of time spent with my grandmother as a child. I also have a natural hair blog and I am crazy about hair so, this piece really was a great fit for my home.

          There is something very special about taking time to do a love one’s hair, it’s an expression of love that is captured so perfectly in this piece. The little girl in pink it just so sweet with the bow at the ends of her braids. I bet grandma just finished doing her granddaughters hair. Grandma patiently sits and reads her paper as her granddaughter plaits her hair. So sweet! Read more about Art.

        Once I had picked a piece it was really easy to order. I chose Plexiglas since I have very active teens in the home and didn’t want to take the chance of it being broken. My living room is done in deep red and gold colors so I chose a gold colored frame. I like the fact you can preview the matting and framing right on the web page so you know exactly what you are getting. I loved playing with different matting and frame until I found just the right look for my home.

        The picture shipped very quickly and arrived in perfect condition. The piece was wrapped very well. When I opened it I was shocked and very pleased to see how large it is. The picture is even more beautiful in person.

Customer service as excellent, I was kept informed through every step of my order. Fulcrum Gallery also has an awesome 30 day, no questions asked, return policy!

Thanks so much to Fulcrum Gallery for allowing me to review their beautiful art!
All opinions are my own, this was not a paid review!

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