Sunday, August 15, 2010

Product of the Month

Original Sprout

A baby pea sized amount of the balm is all you'll need for SPIKEY-DO'S THAT LAST all day! BARRETTES, BRAIDS & UPDO'S STAY IN PLACE. Now your Little Sprout is naturally stylish without harsh styling aids that contain colors, plasticizers, formaldehyde (Hydantoin DMDM) and mineral or petroleum oils.

•PH Balanced

•Fragrance Free
•For Wet or Dry Hair
•Anti Frizz in Humidity
•Spikey-Do's Last All Day
•Free of Hormone Disrupters
•For All Hair Types & Textures
•Free of Fruit Extracts & Honey
•No Citrus Oils (Photosensitizers)
•With Natural & Organic Ingredients
•Holds Barretts, Ponytails & Updo's in Place
•With Organic Rosemary to Help Repel Lice & Insects
I love love love Original Sprout styling balm for doing twists and BRAIDS!! Braids hold so nicely and stay much longer with the styling balm, which is why I am naming it


  1. We LOVE original Sprout! I had heard of them for years, but never actually tried them until your review and giveaway. They are awesome! We haven't tried this product yet, but all the ones we have we adore.

  2. I've had my eye on this one, too. I really liked the Original Sprout Leave In condish!! <3 I might have to try this sometime.

  3. HEY! What happened to hubby's dreads? Did they never lock up?

  4. NOOOO :( we took them back out he has decided not to dread for now, when he gets the urge I will just twist him


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