Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loc Journey day 1

It took me several days of hour sessions to complete Antonio's hair. I the video I posted in my previous blog showed a different way of parting the hair but I brick layered his locs so that less scalp would show. Now, If I was going to do my daughters hair in locs I would part in half from ear to ear and front to back so she could wear ponytail's and more styles with her locs. it's just a matter of preference.


Hubbys hair had some wax build up from his twists so I washed his hair with KNOTTY BOY dread shampoo to remove the wax build up. I did a second wash with a tee tree shampoo to take care of any scalp build up. I did NOT condition his hair.

I put the top of his hair into a poytail and sectioned out my first row using a rat tail comb and used little clips to section off one SMALL box at a time.

The Brick layer pattern looks like this:

I then used this method to to lock his hair.

If you click on her video you can see her moms hair that she did with this method. Yes, it looked a little rough at first but soon her mom had lovely locs!!!

I used a latchhook when my fingers could no longer pull the hair through...

This cost $2.00 at my local hair store

YAY! we're done for about 5-6 weeks when I will use the latchhook to re-tighten the roots!!


  1. Hey Jenn!
    I do my hubby's locs also. But he has been growing his out for 15 years!!!
    I also started my son's locs. His were a lot harder because he is biracial. But he has been growwing his for about 7 years now and they look great too.
    Love locs!


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