Saturday, February 8, 2014

Studio Gear Cosmetics Review

Hydrating CC Cream transforms and enhances your complexion in an incredibly light, smooth formula. This foundation simultaneously fights aging, retains moisture, and covers and treats blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.

Key Benefits:
- Prevents fine lines and wrinkles with collagen-building ingredients
- Restores skin elasticity by promoting moisture retention
- Brightens and illuminates skin with a non-oily, complete coverage application
My Experience:
When I first squeezed the CC Cream onto my hand I was shocked to see that it was grey, I thought something must be wrong with it. lol But after smoothing it onto my face I realized it changes color on your skin.
I really love the way this looks and feels on my skin. My skin feels so soft and not heavy, though it has really good coverage. I have light skin and normally use an ivory and the natural was perfect on my skin. My teenage son ever commented that I finally found the right color of makeup. He said when it was on my skin, you can't even tell I am wearing makeup but that my skin looks better. *blush* I didn't know my makeup had been that visible before. lol
I honestly really like this CC cream and plan to make it my go-to foundation from now on! I love how it makes my skin look and feel when it's on my face and even when I wash it off I have noticed a difference I my skin. Love it!
Affirmation Multi-Effect Eye Gel works day and night to help reduce and prevent under-eye puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. Simultaneously, skin’s elasticity is improved, moisture retained, and protection from free radical damage is employed.
  • Eyeliss: Increases circulation and decongests fluid around the eye to eliminate dark circles and puffiness.
  • Algisium C: Protects from free radicals, improves skin elasticity, suppleness, firmness, hydration, and collagen production.
  • Haloxyl: Significantly decreases the appearance of dark circles and inflammation

My Experience:
I have been using this twice a day as directed to reduce my dark eye circles and puffiness. I have always been pretty self-conscious about the dark color under my eyes. I am super prone to puffiness when I don't get enough sleep or when I am feeling stressed.
It goes on really easily, just a tiny dot goes a long way and it is very easy to put makeup over.
I have noticed a bit of improvement in the week I have been using this eye gel. I plan to keep using it and see what results I can achieve. So far it seems like really good stuff!

Prime Objective Eye Primer visually diminishes discoloration and surface imperfections that may be present on the lids. Eye shadows and eyeliners apply and blend easier and wear true to color.
My Experience:
This is my first eye primer and before using it I really never saw the point of an eye primer before. After using it however, I notice a difference in the color and the wear of my eye shadow. I really like the color of the natural primer, it's a light pinkish color that I love! I am definitely won over and have been using this daily since it arrived!!
Color Studies 3:1 Harmonic Eye Shadows provide the perfect highlight, contour, and accent shades for the perfect eye palette. Each trio color was carefully studied in relationship to the others to arrive at a perfect harmony of hue, color temperature, color intensity and color value.
My Experience:
I have this trio in Warm Mocha. The colors are so delish and vibrant. I am in love with the light pink color. Seriously I could wear it every day. The brown are both really nice...the dark brown is darker and more intense than it appears to go lightly with it and build it up to the color you want to achieve.
I plan to do a youtube video with these products and show how I put a look together with them, Stay Tuned!!
Thanks so much to Studio Gear for allowing me to review their products!!
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