Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair Share Contest

Most of my giveaways involve you hearing from me....or learning about a new product...

Now I want to hear from YOU!!

I want to see your beautiful natural hair!!

To Enter:

Send me your Best Natural Hair Picture

  • Picture must be of you or your child

  • please give expressed permission to use your photo for this contest

  • Pictures will NOT be used for any other purposes

  • You do not have to show your face (for you shy ones) Just your beautiful hair

  • Please let me know what name, nickname or initial to use for your picture

  • Please e-mail pictures to

All pictures must be received by July 1, 2010
One Winner will be selected July 3, 2010 to win the following Prize:

For years, African-American women have relied on harsh chemicals and relaxers to "manage" their hair--which more often than not did more damage than good. Improper braiding techniques have also contributed no small amount of harm, resulting in frail, damaged hair and even pattern baldness in women.

No Lye! offers a safe and easy alternative. In this hair-care and styling guide Tulani Kinard reveals the secrets to obtaining and maintaining beautiful healthy hair--naturally.
Editorial Reviews:

"No Lye is a degree granting, home study course in the mystique, magic and proper care of black women's hair. What a blessing!"

--Iyanla Vanzant, author of In the Meantime

"No Lye is not an ordinary how-to book. Tulani Kinard's study on African American Natural hair care is based on her philasophical belief that beauty and self-love is also healthy and biologically sound. A must-read for every African-American women, man, girl, and boy--at least!"
--Bernice John Reagon

I LOVE this book! I have learned so much about natural haircare, braiding, twisting, and so much more! I highly recommend this book to anyone no matter what stage or natural hair you are in....from those considering natural hair, those newly transitioning to those who have had natural hair for some will find something new in this book!! Also some GREAT natural style ideas!

You can also purchase this book from my "Hair With Purpose" Store below:


  1. The woman on the cover looks familiar. Is she an actress?

  2. I'm not sure?! hmmm I'll try and look it up! Are you going to enter a pic? :)


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