Monday, June 7, 2010


J is gone for JUNE to visit family out of state...I never updated you all on what I did with her hair (thanks for the reminder Andrea!!) I ended up giving her plats or small box braids and I beaded the ends.... though that might not have been the healthiest way to end her hair it kept her braids neater and stopped them from curling up. That way my family won't have to worry about her hair.

I sent with her some Kinky Curly Tiny Twirls Shampoo because it is a light foam and will be easy to wash her hair with without disturbing the braids too much. I also sent some BEE MINE moisturizing daily spritz to keep her hair moisturized.

For their sensitive skin I sent them Original Sprout Hair & Body Baby Wash this is also what I'm using on my skin right now and I LOOOOVE IT!!!


I am working on a natural hair book review and giveaway this month. Keep an eye out for that!

My husbands hair is not locking...AT ALL. So I think I'll be taking it out and re-twisting? maybe? And possibly reviewing some twisting/locking products.

I am working on my list of our favorites... was going to be the best of the best but I saw that another awesome site Naturally Curly is going to be doing "The Best of the Best" so make sure to check that out and HWP will be posting our list of favorites soon!


Most giveaways come directly from the companies that I am reviewing or have offered to do a giveaway for. I have received e-mails about a certain company not sending out the products they offered to giveaway. I am not going to call them out but please accept my apologies if you have had any problems with giveaways and please e-mail me at so I can make the issue known and see how we can get your product to you ASAP!!

Thoughts? Ideas? SHARE?

As always I am always looking for your thoughts and ideas. I LOVE to share guest blogs and natural hair pics. Please e-mail me at if there is anything you'd like to share.


Much Love! ~ Jennifer

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  1. Interesting to do box braids. Ivy's always gets a "halo" look to it after only a day or two of box braids. How did it look when she got home?

    I really must try the Tiny Twirls


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