Sunday, December 8, 2013

DevaCurl Review

DevaCurl No-Poo Quick Cleanser
A botanically infused conditioning spray that cleanses without water, instantly refreshing hair while adding texture to curls and invigorating the scalp.
Apply No-Poo™ Quick Cleanser to roots as needed using gentle friction when necessary.  Glide fingertips through the scalp from underneath to keep curls frizz free
Our Experience:
Jamilah tends to feel like her hair is not fresh if it is not washed every couple of days so this is an awesome alternative on days we are not washing her hair. She used it on a twist-out and also on her twists. The No-Poo Quick Cleanser made her hair smell fresh and helped her twist out style look refreshed as well.
Now, I always thought dry shampoos were good for absorbing oil if you cannot wash your hair. I tend to have oily hair and one morning I woke up late for an appointment and could not wash my hair, like I do every morning. I used this No-Poo as directed and my curls looked good but my roots looked more oily than before. I would not recommend this product for blond hair that is oily but for textured hair it is awesome!!
This ultra hold moisturizing and defining gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair. As it dries, Ultra Defining Gel forms a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls.
Styling Tips: Resist the urge to touch your curls once you’ve applied Ultra Defining Gel. This rule is particularly important on frizz prone days.
Our Experience:
Can I just say how much I love the smell of all DEVA CURL products!!! Love it!! I wish I would buy candles and home spray of the scent. really! It's clean, fresh and wonderful!
This gel is one of my favorite gels ever. It's also one of those products I would recommend for every hair type.... I love it in my hair to make my wavy hair more curly and I love it as a light gel in Jamilah's hair. Great for scrunching your curls, hold in moisture instead of drying out the hair and as I mentioned before smells great!
Curly Girl: The Handbook-Expanded 2nd Edition
The Curly Girl manifesto written by curl enthusiast Lorraine Massey has been revised, updated and expanded! The original Curly Girl and her book have made appearances on The Today Show, The View, and The Doctors; in Allure, InStyle, Lucky, Seventeen, and The New York Times. Ms. Massey is also co-owner of the Devachan salons in New York; and co-founder of the DevaCurl curl care collection. Curly Girl: The Handbook, is the quintessential guide to the care, management, and styling of curly hair for women (and men) with naturally curly or wavy hair and a desire to celebrate it. Curly Girl is packed with unique and fail-proof hair-care methods, inspiration, and an empowering pro-curl attitude.
This new edition includes a focus on the particular needs of wavy hair; the frizz factor and how to get rid of it forever; a new section for multicultural hair; a step-by-step, fully illustrated care routine for curly haired kids; and elegant curly hairstyles and updos for weddings and special occasions. The book contains a bonus  DVD featuring and tutorials on caring for your specific curl type.
Our Experience:
Love this book and DVD. Packed with all kind of tips for every Curly type! Lots of pictures! Love it! Great gift for any Curly girl!!
I will be including a copy of this book in the Christmas/Anniversary Giveaway!!
Thanks so much to DevaCurl
for allowing us to review your products!!

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