Sunday, December 8, 2013

Just a scarf

This is Felicia. Felicia lives in Maine with her husband and 2 beautiful sons. Tonight Felicia went to a local Walmart in Maine, where the weather was about 20 degrees. She was very cold and decided to wrap this scarf around her head. Just a scarf. There was so significance to the scarf around her head except for the fact she was cold, but the shoppers at Walmart saw something different. They looked at Felicia and assumed she was Muslim and most likely an immigrant from another country. 
Felicia Says:
"To my surprise I was in for a disturbing trip into Walmart people are ignorant. disgusting. stupid. pathetic excuses (for human beings). I must have had that whole place looking at ME in disgust....As the hubby, babies and I walked through WalMart, people pointing at me, looking in my cart, shaking their heads at me and giving me looks to kill. I soon realized how cruel people are! And also what everyone thought they knew...plain n simple. ... And all of the pathetic excuses of mankind that walked by me whispering or better yet not (whispering) being down right nasty. It was as if I was some alien."
This is truly sickening!
Religious reasons or not, a person should be able to wear their hair, or hair coverings as they desire without being judged by anyone or anyone assuming anything about them!
Thank-you to Felicia M. from Maine for allowing us to share her story!
Felicia, Her Husband, and Two Beautiful Boys!!

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