Saturday, January 11, 2014

My apologies!

Hey everyone! Happy 2014!!

I am sooo sorry I have been gone so long! If I told you all of the things that have been happening you probably wouldn't even believe I have had electrical issues in the house and lost power to half the house and had to have re-wiring done. The family has had bronchitis, the flu and ear infections collectively and never ending colds (seriously it's been like a month!) We also had some other small home issues arise and PHEW! Well the good news is we are all healthy and happy and I'm back...

I know I need to wrap up some giveaways and pick some winners... I also have some AWESOME items I have reviewed over the break that I need to share with you. So.... Thank you all for being so patient!! You are awesome! Let's get to these giveaways!!

Blessings~ Jenn

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