Thursday, April 15, 2010

Step 3: Maintain


Now that you know…what will you do? How you can get involved!

CURLS™ loves their customers and are counting on them to play a role in this new and exciting venture. By becoming a CURLS™ Environista, customers are showing their commitment to the three “R’s”: Recycle, Reuse, and Refill. For example, instead of purchasing a new bottle of product every time they run out, CURLS™ asks their Environistas to instead buy the larger value sized 32 oz. products to refill the bottles they already have. CURLS™ Environistas will be rewarded for their efforts through becoming members of the CURLS™ VIP Club, receiving little gifts like plantable postcards, T-Shirts, promotions, discounts, and more! No purchase necessary to sign up!!

· Become a CURLS Environista one of two ways:

1. When you place your next order at you will be able to select a box at checkout that says “I want to become and Environista!” or

2. To sign up before your next purchase Go to and click on Login on the upper right hand corner of the home page. You will need to sign into your account or create a new account. Next select Account from the upper right hand corner of the page and Select Modify Profile. Select the box that says “I want to become and Environista!”

Do One Thing…You can make a lasting impact just by changing one thing that you do. Change brings change.

· Purchase our 32 oz sized products and use them to refill your smaller bottles. This will reduce the amount of packaging you use!

· Help the CURLS Street team meet their goal of raising $2000.00 to donate to New York Cares. Click Donate Now! Every dollar donated to New York Cares equals $6 in service to the community. Visit to learn more. Every bit helps!

· Spread the word-Share this info with 5 of your curly friends.

The Giveaway:

One CURLS Environista T-shirt (pictured above)

To Enter:

Leave a comment below stating what your "one small change" will be!

It does not have to be one of the items mentioned above...Be creative :)

One Winner will be chosen Wednesday April 21st at 12pm


  1. One thing I would definitely like to do is start remembering to bring all those totes that I bought into the grocery store so I can actually use them! It's like a sickness! I forget almost EVERY time, even though I keep them in the car, too! lol So yeah, that's what I want to do. Help cut down on all the plastic bags that have to be recycled.

  2. I will start buying the curls products in the larger bottels to cut down on plastic and when done with those i would like to start recycling them.

  3. This Giveaway has ended Thanks to all who entered:

    The winner selected randomly from is #1 Jane Eyre Super Girl



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