Tuesday, April 27, 2010


One reader (Hi ANDREA!) wrote in to let us know that Dollar Tree stores have Goody ouchless ponytail holders in black/white, multi-colors, and design (depending on location) for $1.00!! Great deal! Thanks for sharing!!

I am currently working on reviews...trying out new products in hopes of coming up with a list of top natural hair products. There are some AWESOME giveaways in the works!!

Z is growing his hair out and it's just at the verge of being long enough for me to braid. It's actually driving us nuts because he plays with his hair ALL THE TIME! I keep telling him he's going to cause breakage with all the twisting he does.

J wants dreads but I really like experimenting with styles and I just think dreads are too permanent for her right now. Maybe when she gets a little older. For now I can give her the feel of dreads by twisting her hair.

My Hubby is STILL trying to dread his hair. Right now his hair is twisted with a bit of 100% bees wax and we're hoping it will dread up. Time will tell...

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  1. Thanks for the review like to read bit some more.

  2. Just came for a peek a boo after getting your comment on my blog! :) Your children are beautiful and you have some great hair tips! I look forward to learning more from your experiences in the coming months!



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