Monday, April 5, 2010

A white girl POV on natural black hair

I went to a family event over the weekend and noticed that one little girl whose hair is usually stick straight with relaxer. Her hair was all curly and pretty....I complimented her and said how nice it looked and her family broke in saying that she needed a relaxer. I know it's none of my business but I said "Please don't her curls are just so pretty" They looked at me like "what does this white girl know about black hair"

Ok I'm no artist but I can go to a museum and fall in love with a beautiful work of art.

I feel the same way about natural hair....which by the way I have raised 2 children who have very textured biracial hair and I am also responsible for my husbands hair care. Do I have black hair, no. But I love it....especially in it's natural state. I love spending time de-tangling, braiding, twisting and caring for it...I love new designs and like art I admire a beautiful head of natural hair.

Like anything else in life...I can't tell anyone what to do....But I have seen the damage relaxers and chemicals can do...I want to educate other white women raising black and biracial kiddos on the risk of relaxing and the beauty of natural hair and how to care for it the right way...

I welcome your tips and opinions, Like I always say I am not expert but for a "white girl" I do know a lil something ;)

Peace a blessings ~ Jennifer


  1. I love this! As a child my mother (who is white) was told to put relaxer in my hair to make it more manageable. Because she didnt know any better she did. I am now twenty years old and currently undoing the damage that has been done to my hair, now even my mom loves it (as long as its not ' messy and flat'.

  2. If you want a good detangler, Mixed Chicks deep works on all types of hair.


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