Friday, May 14, 2010

J's traveling this summer....ADVICE????

So J and Z are going to be visiting family out of state for a few weeks this summer. One of my biggest concerns (besides missing my babies) is J's hair. Neither family has ever done J's hair, my family is white and has limited with black hair and my husbands family doesn't do natural hair.

I am ULTRA careful when detangling and handling J's hair. In the past months of correct handling and care her hair has improved soooo much! I stopped using sulfates, started deep conditioning, changed the way I detangle and just really started being so gentle on her natural hair. I would hate to see that go down the drain in a months time.

J herself is so rough on her hair. She always wants to help take out braids and twists but she yanks at her hair and I'm afraid she will cause damage. I usually have her do her dolls hair while I'm doing her hair and leave her own hair alone!! Until she learns better I don't want her caring for her own hair.

I have been searching the natural hair community and spoken to a couple of stylists and they have suggested kinky twists, using synthetic hair. I have never really dealt with synthetic hair, except to give my sister braids years ago....But I feel that if it's twisted in it will somehow cover and protect her hair while she is away. I am told it will last for a month which would be awesome.

Have any of you tried this? Had similar hair issues? Know about kinky twists?? Tell me something Ladies? lol

This is one of the videos I have watched and found inspirational from Naptural85


  1. I would recommend doing small two-strand twists or braids that she can keep in for the time that she is away. This way, all she has to do is moisturize with oil a few times a week and keep her hair maintenance free!

  2. Thanks Jamila!! By the way J' name is the same as urs but with an "H" Jamilah :)

  3. I love two strand twists with extensions. It's a great protective style and it blends in well with my own naturally kinky hair. Your friend is right, it only last a month. Which is my biggest pet peeve because I'd like to wear the style longer than that. This is perfect for J because it will be a low maintenance hairstyle and your family wont have to worry about too much upkeep.


  4. I think you should braid or twist her natural hair with no rubberbands and send a moisturizer ans satin cap!

  5. what'd you decide to do now that she's been gone for a while, how's it holding up?


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